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Tabata exercise- What is it? How is it done?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Consider a workout that burns 13.5 calories per minute. Let the effect last for 36 hours, accelerate fat burning and help you strengthen and do them for just 4 minutes. Yes, this is possible with the tabata protocol.

It is helpful to read the cardio guide to get a better understanding of cardio techniques.

Only 4 minutes

Do you have 4 minutes to practice? Then you meet our criteria.

Tired of strength or endurance training
If your body has entered the plateau period
If you are having a shortage of time
Your only goal is to get in shape quickly
You should give the Tabata protocol a chance.

Great inventions

At the Tokyo National Institute of Fitness and Sports A study by Izumi Tabata and her colleagues showed us that amazing results can be achieved in a time of 4 minutes.

Elite athletes are divided into two to try the tabata system. For the first six weeks, the first group performs a customary 60-minute running program (typical aerobic exercise) per week, and the second group is trained by Dr. Izumi Tabata for five weeks and four minutes of Tabata for five weeks.

After six months:

In the first group, aerobic capacity increases by 9.5% and anaerobic (power) capacity shows no increase
In the second group, aerobic capacity increased by 14% and anaerobic (power) capacity increased by 28%.
Other researches were done with Tabata training in 4 minutes,

You can maintain effective fat burning up to 36 hours after training,
You can accelerate your metabolism up to 2 times
and aerobic, anaerobic capacity. If you like to test yourself, it is possible to test yourself with the Tabata protocol, which is seen as the most effective form of HIIT training system.

Information about increased fat burning after exercise can be found in my post-fat burning: afterburn effect.

Is that easy to get into?

A regular life, a diet compatible with your sport and 4 minutes will put you in shape. Just believe in your body!

How is the Tabata system applied?

8 sets 4 minutes. Each set consists of 20 seconds of operation and 10 seconds of rest. Just try to do as much as you can in 20 seconds. Make good use of your 10-second rest period because after the 4th set, you’re really going into a 2-minute battle with your body.

What to consider when applying Tabata system

Choose a weight that you can do 15-20 repetitions while determining your weight.
Have your watch or Tabata counter with you.
Never give up before 8 sets are over.
Make at least 3 days a week.


Exercise selection for Tabata protocol:

The main goal is to train several muscle groups in a short training period, so I recommend Front Squat, Thruster, Push Press. After a few workouts you can choose and apply the appropriate movements, the decision is yours.

Tabata exercise system and qualification:

Although 4 minutes may seem short, you need a high-end condition. Tabata exercise can wait for a while if you don’t really trust yourself.

Examining the risk of injury:

With this high intensity training, your muscles will run out and you are sure that you will use your body and joints to make that final move. This means that you do irregular movements, which are not always done correctly, which brings you an extra risk of injury!

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