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Protein Bar Vs Tuna Fish: Which One to Choose?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The supplement can be one of the most important weapons of the athlete when used correctly. But most of the time, aside from proper usage, supplements in our country are no more than a chat topic.

One of the misused supplements is the protein bar.

In this article, I will compare the protein bar that I have seen in the hands of many people and seen as a sine qua non with the much cheaper and more delicious tuna, and examine whether the protein bar is really necessary.

What is a protein bar?

The protein bar is a ready-to-eat food prepared for use by people with high protein needs.

One of the few handicaps of these ready-to-eat foods is the risk of overgrowth. Now the protein bar concept in our country is becoming a big bubble and with the effect of this, young, old sports – even not doing – is found in the bag of many people.

Is it really necessary?

The protein bar may be required in certain situations for individuals who are adequately fed with natural nutrient sources, with high protein requirement. The most important of these situations can be evaluated as intensive work / social life and travel. The only point here is the time problem.

Is there a more portable, healthier and more natural alternative than a protein bar? I think yes!

Protein bar vs tuna fish

Many nutrients can be alternatives to the protein bar. But I chose the tuna which was easy to transport, nutritious and delicious. I’ll do the comparison based on a few important issues. These stuffs

Macro nutrient contents (100 grams)
Digestion time
Amino acid profile
as set.

I bought two different protein bars from a supplement store close to my house and a tuna from a convenience store. That’s how I make comparisons. I would also like to mention that I prefer the most average products in terms of price.

Macro nutrient contents ( protein bar Vs tuna fish )

Many people focus on macro nutrient content. Let’s examine it.

Brand ————-Calories —– Fat —–Carbohydrates – Proteins
Protein Bar1———396———11————43————30
Protein Bar2———353——–11.4———-18.4———–31.8
Oily Tuna Fish – —–192——–10.7———–0.1———–22.5

There is something I want to mention here. Although I will review later, I would like to point out that protein quality is more important than quantity of protein.

Digestion time

As is known whey protein is one of the fastest digestible proteins and has a unique structure in this regard. This is why whey protein is used especially after exercise.

Tuna should not be underestimated.

Whey protein is digested in 30 minutes, while tuna accompanying fat is digested in about 60 minutes if not consumed in excess.

Amino acid profile

If protein intake is targeted for athletes, one of the most important aspects is the amino acid profile of the food consumed. Because some of the amino acids can be synthesized in the body, some have to be taken from outside.

9 of the 21 amino acids found in foods are essential amino acids.

Your body needs amino acids as new tissues form. But the essential amino acids that need to be taken from outside constitute the most important need. For this reason, you should choose foods that contain all of the essential amino acids in high amounts, not all amino acids together and in high amounts.

Nutrients that contain all of the essential amino acids we call full protein source.

Whey protein is a complete protein source, as well as tuna is a complete protein source. In other words, whey protein and tuna closely resemble each other in terms of amino acid profile.


The tuna’s amino acid profile (indirect benefit), macro nutritional values and digestion time are very close to protein bars – even better in some respects. However, much cheaper and much more delicious tuna can be consumed with peace of mind instead of protein bars.

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