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Which Body Type Do You Have?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

I do sports, but I can not gain weight or diet, although I can not lose weight somehow. These are the complaints we often hear in daily life. These people who complain are not lying! You just have an idea about the type you need to know to do the right way to exercise and diet.

After reading this article you will learn about your type and what you need to do to reach your goal. If you know your type, you can learn Be feed according to your body type!.

Body types


They are described as skinny. Small joints have long, lean muscle fibers. Shoulders tend to be narrow.

Small and delicate muscle structure.
Lean muscle mass.
Difficult to gain weight, has fast metabolism.
Straight breasts and narrow shoulders.
They have difficulty in gaining weight with their fast metabolisms. They should implement a low-set, high-weight training system that targets a high-calorie diet and large muscle groups. (Compound exercises) Ectomorphs should be fed before bedtime to prevent muscle destruction in sleep.


Thick and strong bones, natural athletic structure with the most suitable body type for bodybuilding. They gain muscle mass relatively quickly and leanly.

Athletic and tough body.
Fast muscle mass area.
Greased faster than ectomorphs.
Rectangular shaped body.
Mesomorphs, which respond well to weight training, show rapid development – especially in beginners. At the same time, according to ectomorphs calories taken in this fast-body body type should be followed and cardio training program should be added according to need.


Endomorphs having a solid and soft body can be lubricated very quickly. Although their limbs seem small, they usually have strong muscles (especially the upper leg). They can squat with high weights.

Gain muscle and fat mass quickly.
They are defined as “Chunky”.
Slow metabolism, difficult weakening.
Muscle structure is uncertain due to fat.
Endomorphs, which gain weight rapidly, do not usually take this mass simply as muscle. In order to prevent fat intake, she should always pay attention to her diet and do cardio. If you can get high protein with diet does not need to use supplements.

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Correct exercise tempo with body types is very important. For this reason, I want to review my article I want to do sports.

Male body types

Exomorph, endomorph and endomorph names as well as the male  I , V  and O type are also known as some sources. In the picture below you can see which letter is given to which body type.

The body type I represents exomorph, V body type mesomorph and O body type endomorph.

Female body types

Female body types are similarly expressed by letters. You can evaluate your body type by choosing which of the following images you look more like.

The body  I represents exomorph, V  mesomorph and O type endomorph.

Intermediate body forms

It is not possible to differentiate body types with sharp boundaries; we often see intermediate forms. Now that you have learned the body types, choose the body type that suits you best and learn how to feed.

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