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Discover the Best Time for Exercises

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

What is the best time for training during the day? Do morning workouts accelerate metabolism? Will my workouts grow my muscles faster?

You may often hear such questions. In this article, we will examine the most suitable times for your training, which hours are suitable for you according to your experience and the type of sport you are doing.

Biological clock (Circadian rhythm)

The biological clock coordinates the pattern between body temperature, hormone release, blood pressure and sleep-wake. If you don’t feel ready to exercise when you wake up, don’t despair, your biological clock is probably not set correctly. Research at the University of Texas showed that people can change their circadian rhythms by arranging sports and meal times. This research showed that we could make the perfect morning runner with a few small changes to people walking around like owls at night.

With the following 3 suggestions, you will be able to re-set your biological clock for morning sports.

Stop working and feeding late at night.
Make your breakfast as early as possible.
Don’t overdo them.

Doing sports in the Afternoon

Research shows that the best time for the exercises is between 16.00 and 19.00 in the afternoon. Power is 5% higher in mid-day, and sprint performance is 5% higher between 17.00-19-00. Durability is 4 times higher in the afternoon than in the morning. Warm muscles and joints can flex more. The risk of injury was lower in the afternoon when the body was warmer.

Doing sports in the Morning

Do not despair for your morning workouts. While doing sports in the morning;
Your energy stays high all day long,
Insulin sensitivity increases,
Mental functions increase.

It is known that people are more loyal to morning exercises. If you often interrupt your workouts, morning exercises may be more appropriate for you. In addition, the idea that night training improves sleep quality is losing its place with the latest studies. There was no difference between morning and evening training in terms of changing sleep quality.

Morning training accelerates your metabolism but does not change the amount of calories you burn during training. It’s just a city legend!

How you feel is important

As research expands, the concept of the right time for training changes.

Some people were created for mornings. You can wake up at 7 in the morning and feel more fit during the day as it is no problem for them to do sports. Some find themselves in the gym or jogging tracks late in the day to relieve all their responsibilities and relieve stress. Adjust your workout to the times you feel comfortable and happy. Pressing the snooze button is not an exercise. Don’t force yourself.


Warm up for your morning workouts. You should allow time for your cold body to warm up and open your joints.

Sleeping late and eating late will sabotage your morning workouts.

If you are preparing for the competition, do your workouts during the competition.

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