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Which Exercise Type to Choose? Compound vs Isolated

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

You have been training for months and applying heavy diets to achieve your dream body. In this direction, it is very important to create the right training program and to choose the exercises for your purpose.

I will discuss what you need to do to choose the right exercise that will bring you one step closer to your dreams, and discuss the benefits and handicaps of isolated and compound exercises.

What is Compound exercise?

Movements that run multiple muscles and joints at one time are called compound or functional exercises. In fact, most of the movements you perform in daily life are similar to compound exercises. Suitable for quick increase in strength and muscle mass. Some of the compound exercises;

Bench press, push up
Pull up
Shoulder press

Why choose compound exercises?

There are several important points in choosing compound exercises. Let’s examine them.

You will burn more calories

“Run inside the room” with “flip pen by hand” while sitting on the chair. What activity do you think will cause you to burn more calories? You now understand why compound exercises burn more calories than isolated exercises. As the number of muscle fibers used increases, the amount of calories you burn will increase.

Combined exercises accelerate fat burning after training. This can be explained by the post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), also known as the after burn effect phenomenon. Recent research has shown that this effect allows you to burn 10-15% more fat.

Shortens your training time

Combined exercises that run multiple muscle groups at once save you time. Shorter training time allows more time for your body to restructure. In addition, after an hour of training, cortisol can be released in the body, causing muscles to break down. Composite exercises should always be preferred to get rid of destruction and get more vigorous for the next exercise.

To become stronger

Removing more weight often brings you more muscle, strength and stamina. Supported by many muscle groups, you can lift more weights and improve your athletic performance in a short time. Composite exercises, which give beginners the opportunity to climb stairs faster, must be a must for beginners.

To ignite anabolic hormones

Your body secretes anabolic hormones to repair your tired and worn muscles. The two most important hormones are testosterone and growth hormone. The higher the amount of muscle worn, the higher the anabolic hormone produced. For a larger and younger body, always train with more compound exercises.

Things to pay attention

There are a few things to consider when choosing compound exercises.

More shaped muscles

Composite exercises are not so successful in shaping your muscles. If your goal is not only to have big and strong muscles, do not build your training system from compound exercises.

The right technique

Composite movements require more accurate technique because they involve many muscles and joints. Beginners can be very difficult in this regard. You can improve your technique with specialized machines for a partner and compound exercises and then start working with free weights.

Risk of overtraning

Overtraining, ie overtraining, continues to be one of the biggest handicaps of compound exercises. If you do not carefully build your workouts by running several muscle groups at the same time, you can run the same muscle group for several consecutive days. In this case, muscles that are not allowed to be restructured may be injured in a short time and fall weak.

What is isolated exercise?

We call the exercises that involve a joint and muscle group called isolated exercise. It is used in the treatment of disability in the clinic, symmetry disorders and target-oriented (enlargement, strengthening of a certain muscle group). Some of the isolated exercises

Lateral, front raise
Biceps curl
Triceps extensions
Leg extensions
Calf raise

Why choose isolated exercises?

Isolated exercises should be preferred on a target basis, just like compound exercises. When should you prefer isolated exercises?

Reduces risk of overtraning

The muscle fibers you run can be easily monitored in isolated exercises. The risk of overtraining is reduced as you can give your muscles time to restructure.

Isolated exercises in symmetry disorder and disability

Are your body not symmetrical or suffer from injuries? Then compound exercises may not be the right choice for you. Your awareness is reduced when performing compound exercises. Of the many muscle fibers, you may not be sure to operate the fibers of the desired density and in the appropriate position.

In isolated exercises, only one muscle group is targeted. Thus, it is possible to correct symmetry and exercise the muscles that are injured at the right intensity.

Things to pay attention

There are a few important things to consider when choosing isolated exercises.

For fat burning

Isolated exercises target small muscle groups. If you intend to burn fat quickly, do not use isolated exercises as much as possible at your training pace. This type of exercise consumes very little calories. Furthermore, it is not possible to see the post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) phenomenon caused by compound exercises after isolated exercises.

In summary

If your goal is to improve your performance, configure your workouts with compound exercises. Do not give little or no space to isolated exercises.

If you want to have a tight and muscular look, you should also include isolated exercises, with compound exercises being your first priority.

You have just started sports, you should understand the technique of compound exercises with low weights, and during this time you should use isolated exercises to prepare your muscles for compound exercises.

If you are injured or suffer from symmetry, you should give appropriate isolated exercises more than compound exercises.

If you need coordination and balance, you should give more importance to compound exercises than isolated exercises.

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