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What are the benefits of St. John's Wort Oil?

Monday, September 6, 2021

Centaury oil is one of the foods frequently seen in herbalists selling spices and herbs. Other names of the centaury plant, which has different types such as St. John’s wort and St. John’s wort, include names such as sword grass, binflower grass, blood grass.

St. John’s wort, a herbaceous plant, consists of flowering branches with a spear-like shape. The color of the flower at the ends of these branches, which vary between 8 and 50 millimeters, allows the plant to be called yellow or red cornflower. The reason why canton, which has its own leaves, is called binary herb is because of the bright oil spots that can be seen by keeping the leaves in the light.

It is collected in the summer, when its flowers bloom. Centaury cut from a height of about 5 centimeters above ground is dried or processed fresh. St. John’s Wort has very important health benefits. For this reason, it is one of the valuable food types frequently encountered in alternative medicine and herbal treatments.

Due to the fact that the oil obtained from St. John’s Wort contains these beneficial ingredients intensely, it is a product recommended for many different purposes in the field of health.

Wort oil benefits

St. John’s Wort Oil is one of the valuable plant species, many of whose positive effects on health are accepted by the scientific world, which are frequently subject to scientific research in the fields of herbal therapy and alternative medicine.

St. John’s Wort oil, which has important benefits such as disease prevention, delaying aging, and maintaining healthy body functions, can be easily found even in herbal transplant today. But, like any herbal product, centaury oil is a product that should be used with caution.

Individuals who have a chronic disease, use drugs for various reasons, or have food allergies should consult their physician before using St. John’s Wort oil, and should not exceed the recommended doses. Here are some of the positive effects of St. John’s Wort oil on health.

St. John’s wort oil benefits to the skin

One of the most important benefits of St. John’s Wort oil is its effects on maintaining skin health. The oils obtained from the wort plant support and accelerate cell regeneration. St. John’s Wort oil, which can be applied directly on the skin without any preparation, helps delay signs of aging, prevent wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.

It contributes to a smoother and more vibrant appearance while ensuring that the skin has the required moisture balance. Another of the important effects of wort oil on the skin is to eliminate the spots. Thanks to this effect, with the use of St. John’s wort oil regularly, scars, burns and acne scars on the face or body can be removed.

For the reasons such as old age, pregnancy, sun exposure, where the skin color is locally different or stained, the skin tone is equalized and a more pleasant appearance can be obtained by regularly applying corn oil. In order to benefit from the positive effects of wort oil on the skin, you can wait for your skin to absorb after applying the oil directly to your skin.

Then, if you feel a feeling of greasiness on your skin, you can rinse after waiting at least half an hour.

St. John’s wort oil benefits for infectious diseases

St. John’s Wort oil; It provides protection against diseases by fighting microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause infections. Especially in many diseases such as athlete’s foot, skin infections, acne, herpes virus herpes virus, St. John’s Wort oil helps to heal the infection quickly.

At the same time, healing of infections occurring on the skin is accelerated while the possibility of scarring after infection can be greatly reduced due to wounds and acne. With regular use of St. John’s Wort oil, the formation of new infections on the skin can also be prevented.

For this purpose, St. John’s Wort oil can be applied directly to the skin or cream and lotions containing St. John’s Wort, which are sure to have natural ingredients, can be used.

Besides all these, it provides prevention of problems such as eczema, contact dermatitis and rash. You can use it for yourself as well as for your child. However, it is beneficial to consult a physician before this application, especially in children with allergic composition.

St. John’s Wort Oil’s Digestive Benefits

Small consumption of wort oil by mouth has a regulatory effect on the digestive system. You can accelerate digestion and prevent problems such as constipation and bloating by consuming a small amount of St. John’s Wort especially before meals.

The effects of St. John’s Wort oil can also be seen in individuals with gas pains and associated abdominal pain. Centaury oil, which can be consumed alone or mixed with foods such as yogurt, can also be prepared as herbal tea. It is also known that centaury oil prepared in the form of tea protects the kidneys.

However, the consumption of St. John’s Wort oil should not exceed a dessert spoon. People with any disease and medication should consult their physician before consuming St. John’s Wort oil.

St. John’s Wort Oil’s Benefits to Hair

St. John’s Wort oil also contributes to the protection of hair health and beautification of the hair thanks to its valuable components, vitamins and minerals. Hair regrowth decreases, hair loss is greatly reduced and hair continues to grow in a healthy way.

The hair, which has a more lively and shiny appearance, begins to grow with the prevention of loss. The effects of wort oil on hair health are not limited to this. In addition to hair, St. John’s Wort oil is an excellent savior for the prevention of scaling, dandruff and eczema problems.

It is possible to benefit from all these positive effects with a hair care done with St. John’s Wort oil once or twice a week. You can get many positive effects together with a mixture prepared by mixing it with garlic, argan oil and olive oil, which are known to be good for hair health in addition to the canteen. After applying the mixture you prepared to your hair and scalp well, you can wait for half an hour and wash your hair.

St. John’s wort oil

Individuals who will start using St. John’s Wort oil will encounter two different types of fat. These are St. John’s Wort and St. John’s Wort oils. Basically, the difference of these oils obtained from the same St. John’s wort is that the St. John’s Wort oil is obtained from fresh plants and St. John’s Wort oil is from dried plants.

Since it is derived from the same plant, the benefits of St. John’s Wort oil and the benefits of St. John’s Wort oil are almost similar. You can choose whatever you like, you can try both by providing them or you can use these two types of oil mixed. If you have sensitive skin, you can choose to use centaury oil 1-2 days a week or every other day instead of using it daily.

Apart from the above mentioned, centaury oil has many benefits. In order to benefit from all these positive effects, individuals who do not have any problem in the use or consumption of centaury oil can start to benefit from the positive effects of this valuable plant regularly.

Red and yellow cornflower oil should be taken from reliable brands known to be produced under favorable conditions. Care should be taken in this regard, as the use of products that do not contain information such as content, place of manufacture, expiration date, and brand, or explicitly cause harm rather than health benefits.

If you want to use this oil, you can consult your physician about whether there is any problem in using it, and if your physician deems it suitable, you can start using your centaury oil regularly, which you will obtain from reliable brands.

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