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What You Need To Know About Pilates

Saturday, January 9, 2021

In this article, I will address the benefits of pilates and the well-known mistakes about it, and answer your questions.

What is Pilates?

It is a technique that first emerged in the early twentieth century and was also used to rehabilitate those injured in the first world war.For this reason, It generally aims to improve balance, flexibility, endurance and posture by focusing on the core-center area of the body instead of whole body strengthening exercises. Since you will hear the term core-center often throughout the article, I want to explain it from the beginning. The core region is the name given to the region between the shoulder and pelvis (hip) that can be described as the trunk. For this purpose, the activity that does not include excessive movement and includes controlled postures (such as yoga) is pilates.

Benefits of pilates

The benefits of pilates are actually unnecessarily extended. Because most of the time it is seen as more profitable commercially and considered as a status indicator.

So is pilates a panacea?

Bone density increased

Advancing age has a devastating effect on the bone. The most important result of these effects is bone resorption. The resulting bone resorption may cause deterioration of the body structure in the elderly and increase the risk of fracture. Taking action is very simple. Keeping bone density high at a young age.

The easiest way to increase bone density is to exercise. Because exercise increases the pressure on the bone and activates the reconstruction within the bone. It is one of the exercises to be preferred in this regard. I recommend pilates to prevent osteoporosis especially in female sex.

Corrects your posture

Muscles and bone structure determine the posture of your body. In order to better imagine the subject, I want you to liken your body to a thin long board and think of the muscles in the core area as rubber. Pulled in different directions, these tires are normally quite stable and keep the board to which they are attached steady. But some tires can lose their strength over time and your body may lean in a direction you never wanted. The result is posture disorder.

It, on the other hand, helps you correct your posture by strengthening the core region muscles, which have a significant effect on posture. Of course when done right. Because detecting and strengthening weak muscles is a completely different specialty. Pilates is a great solution if you have back pain due to incorrect posture. But you need to know the exact cause of low back pain. Because the presence of problems such as herniated disc may prevent you from it.

Strengthens your muscles

Many women are afraid of having big muscles. I even know women who do not exercise for this reason. But the situation is different than you think. Because the female hormonal order and body do not have the ability to develop a significant amount of muscle mass. Although I share this information, I recommend it to women who are afraid of muscle growth. Because it sessions without weight and exercise density do not have the potential to increase muscle mass only strengthen your muscles.

The reason Pilates strengthens the muscles effectively is the negative movements used in exercise tempo.

Increases flexibility

I talked about the starting point of Pilates for rehabilitation. The most important factor that serves this purpose is flexibility. Because the injury decreases muscle length and range of motion, it includes many different movements focused on flexibility.

This reduces the risk of injury, enables you to use your muscles more effectively, improves your posture (short muscles create more tension and pull your body to wrong positions), reduces the tension in your muscles due to activity.

As a result, your quality of life increases with increasing flexibility. Exercise is one of the important points in choosing Pilates.

Myths about Pilates

I talked about the benefits of pilates. But there is a more important issue. Known wrongs! Because unwarranted expectations harm you physically and mentally.

Does Pilates lose weight?

Many people who do Pilates have one goal, to lose weight. But it is very ineffective in this regard. Because Pilates is an activity that is practiced without much effort. This means that you do aerobic exercise for almost the entire time you do pilates. Even the average heart rate of many people does not change while doing pilates.

The researches done confirm this. A study showed that the changes in body weight and fat mass of individuals who do Pilates are not different from those who are inactive. If you have a lean body and just want to tighten, it can help you reach your goal.

Pilates is too easy or too difficult

If you get ideas from your circle about Pilates, I am sure that you will encounter many different comments. Some of these comments can be extreme, such as too easy or too difficult. If you believe any of these comments, you can underestimate the pilates or get away from the pilates.

In fact, Pilates has exercise routines that can appeal to all levels of difficulty, and the word easy or difficult never expresses your experience. Pilates workouts, designed logically by the right instructor, offer you a good experience, not easy or difficult.

Pilates is for women only

It is an activity identified with women. As such, men are afraid to do it. But it can be used in many different ways. The inventor of pilates actually chose men as targets. Because there were many soldiers that needed to be rehabilitated. There has not been much change since then. Because many male athletes you see in the professional arena also add pilates movements to their exercise tempo.

As a result, don’t feel that it belong to women as a man. If it feels good to you, or if you want to do it, don’t hesitate, do it!

Pilates benefits: As a result

It is an exercise style that can be beneficial in many ways. But on condition that you act correctly. Because there are too many exaggerations about it and this exaggeration can mislead people about the benefits of pilates.


To improve muscle and joint flexibility,
To get stronger,
To correct your posture,
To increase your bone density,

you can use. Apart from that, don’t forget to choose the right exercise style for anything else you need.

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