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15 Activities You Can Burn 200 Calories

Monday, September 6, 2021

How many calories do you burn during your daily activities? What about bowling? If you want to lose 1 kilo a month by having fun every day without making any changes in your life, in this article I will talk about the daily activities you need to do to burn 200 calories.

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Would you like to try it on?

Then join us and color your day with one or more of these activities every day for 30 days.

Video games are good

The 50 minutes you spend at the beginning of the Nintendo Wii will burn you 200 calories.

Don’t forget to jump rope

Now everyone knows how healthy it is to jump rope. Skipping rope for 15 to 20 minutes burns you 200 calories.

Car wash is boring?

Men like to look at their cars. 40 minutes of washing your car will burn you 216 calories. Now that you know this, you now have a reason to look at your car more.

Walk your dog

Is your dog bored at home? This is an opportunity to burn more calories! A 25-minute walk with your dog at a speed of 6.5 km will burn you 190 calories.

Enter the competition

A break-in 25-minute tennis match will burn you 218 calories.

Go to change

Is the layout of your room boring you now? This can be a good opportunity to burn more calories. A 25-minute room arrangement will burn you 210 calories.

Use the stairs

The fact that your business or home is on high floors no longer makes you use an elevator. Because the 25 minutes that you spend climbing and climbing stairs will spend you 216 calories.

Play Bowling

A great activity to spend time with family and friends, bowling burns 200 calories in 60 minutes.

Bicycle ride

Bored at home? Take your bike and go for a ride. A 20 km speed bike ride will give you 210 calories in 30 minutes.

Color your life

Summer is here and you’re tired of the color of your room. Then a good opportunity to burn calories awaits you. 40 minutes of painting your room will spend you 208 calories.

Look at your garden

Do you have a garden? If you have a small garden, mow the lawn that grows in your garden with an old-fashioned lawnmower. 40 minutes of mowing your lawn will burn you 215 calories.

Stop by the garage

Is your garage that you haven’t been interested in for a long time is getting out of control? 25 minutes spent correcting your garage will burn you 210 calories.

Only women don’t get dust

Are you aware of the dust accumulated in your library? Then get to work and start dusting. 40 minutes of dusting will spend you 216 calories.

Go shopping

Not having a supermarket near your home is not always a bad situation. Go to the market with a slow pace. Because a 20-minute run with 8 km speed burns 192 calories.

One more point!

A 20-minute basketball game with your friends will spend you 192 calories.

If you are looking for a beginner’s guide to doing exercise and calories, you can read the article I want to do sports.

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