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How to Do the Right Abdominal Exercises ?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

In this article, we will explain the issues you need to pay attention to in order to prevent common abdominal training mistakes and injuries and make you do the correct abdominal training.

Should he do multiple repetitive abdominal exercises?

Abdominal exercises is to make high repetitive sets considering that it burns general blood fat. Thus the fat ratio will decrease and the developing abdominal muscles will emerge like a rising sun. No matter how logical it may sound, you should keep in mind both the urban legend called regional slimming and the multiple repetitive (between 100-150 repetitions) work.


Because your abdominal muscles are in continuous activity during the day, they may not work enough with 7-9 repetitive sets. 12-15 repetitions made by adding weight will give you bigger and stronger abdominal muscles.

Your wife is not a whole!

As Tyler Durden says in Fight Club; If you want abdominal muscle, the first rule is to take the shuttle and the second rule to pull the shuttle!

In fact, Tyler Durden was right. Abdominal training does not only consist of crunch and other shuttle movements. Moving the core area, such as squat and deadlift movements, also allows your abdominal muscles to grow.


Be sure to include movements like squat and deadlift at your training pace. If possible, these movements will make you better abdominal muscles.

You need to rest enough for big muscles!

Although the abdominal muscles have a structure that is resistant to training (it is hard to use because it is used intensively during the day), they need to rest like other muscles after they are exercised. Every day abdominal training can drag your muscles to the overtraining table.

Decide how long you need to rest by listening to your body’s voice. Nevertheless, the recovery time for the abdominal muscles is approximately 48 hours. After adding abdominal workouts to your program, you should adjust your diet accordingly. You’ll need extra calories and protein.

Care about the moves!

Abdominal training is boring. This, combined with fatigue at the end of training, probably leads to quick and unattended abdominal training. One of the common mistakes in this process is to use your acceleration and center of gravity. Thus, the efficiency obtained during the training will be reduced but also the risk of injury.

Solution: If you are tired and do not want to do abdominal training, you may not work out that day. If you run out of training or feel you’re using too much acceleration, stop, reduce weights, or make the angle of movement easier. So your body will give you the opportunity to finish your workout.

Back and neck pain often occurs after abdominal training. Most of the time, the cause of pain and disability is related to the way the movements are performed, rather than the movements. Abdominal training to prevent injuries and pain, taking into account the two important rules mentioned below, back and neck pain can be protected to the maximum.

Hands on chest:

One of the most common mistakes is based on taking the hands behind the back of the neck while doing sit-ups. The neck contractes to maintain its position against the upward thrust and tries to remain constant. What if you think that this happens chronically in every abdominal training? Disability is almost inevitable.

In the shuttle movement and all versions, the arms must be joined to the chest to form the (X) mark. This will ensure that the movement is regular and that the hands are not damaged by the neck joints and muscles.

Stop fixing the feet and soften the floor:

During the shuttle, you have asked for a lot of time to secure you by pressing or holding your feet. This is totally wrong! In this way, you can put extra load on your flexor muscles and cause disability. In addition, hard floors can cause back and neck pain. It may not have occurred to you, but the vertebrae protruding outward can be crushed and cause back pain.

Release your feet and get a shuttle cushion. So you will be able to wake up in the mornings when you have less waist, neck pain.

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