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What is Air Squat? How is it done?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

We studied the air squat movement. We explained how to do it for you.

Air squat is a modified version of Squat with body weight. Air squat cut to improve your explosive force!

How is it done?

Posture: Hip slightly below knee height, feet slightly out.

Keep your hips behind.
Keep your arms in front to keep your balance.
Keep your breasts up, don’t bend.
Tilt until your hips are at knee level.


Gluteus (hip) and quadriceps (leg)


Lowering your hips from the hip level will make movement more difficult. Air squat exercise and broad jumps can be applied together.

The difference from the classic squad is that the arms are in the air. It also includes your back, waist and shoulders. You will notice that you have a little more difficulty compared to the classic squat. In order to do this movement correctly, I would like to teach squat movement to your body thoroughly. The rear part of the rear leg (hemstring, calf) uses the front part of the front leg (quadriceps) more effectively, but the whole body is involved in the exercise. so it helps you burn more calories in a short time. The air squat movement is actually a continuation of the classic squat movement. Resistance exercise in this movement is one of the fixture movements. As in every movement, it is very important that continuity is present in this movement. If applied regularly, you will experience an effective change in your hip, abdomen, leg and back muscles. You will feel more upright and firm than ever.

This exercise is suitable for athletes with low BMI, normal BMI, high BMI. Air Squat training is not suitable for athletes aged 65 or older.

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