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Sports in Childhood: Which is More Healthy?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

You want your child to do sports but can’t find a suitable sport?

Contrary to popular belief, sports, which are seen as a luxury in childhood, are as compulsory as the education to be taken. We know that communication and sharing skills, coordination and mental abilities will develop easily with appropriate sports in childhood.

Can strength and endurance exercises be performed at a young age? I have written a post about this topic. Click.

Age-appropriate activities

Children will tend to spontaneously tend to one or more sports. You must choose activities that are appropriate for your age and skills.

Sports from 2 to 5 years

Toddlers can easily perform simple movements. On the contrary, they are still too young for complex and organized movements and it is a scientific fact that starting complex sports in this age range does not increase the success in these sports in the long term; never rush

The most suitable sport at this age are those in the style of free play.

Kid games. (Midwifery, walking in a disabled course, throwing a ball at the target)

Sports from 6 to 9 years

As children grow, their visions, attention spans and all other skills develop. They can easily be organized in this age range and participate in team sports.

T-ball, softball and basketball,
After the age of 7,8 they can do strength training with a trained supervisor.

Sports from 10 to 12 years

Children of this age range who have the ability to practice and remember advanced tactics;

You can refer to any of the sports branches. However, during puberty, their fast-growing bodies can disrupt their coordination abilities. The family or coach should inform the children.

Before starting team sports

Make sure that your child’s age is similar to that of their peers physically and mentally. Anger control and competitiveness enable him to enjoy team sports. Do not act until you are sure that they are mature enough to handle this pressure.

In adolescence, there may be dramatic physical differences in children. Your caution will minimize the risk of physical injury to your child.

When evaluating options

Be sure to consider these questions.

How much will your child enjoy from this activity?
How much will this sport improve your child’s abilities?
Will he gain a position in team sports?
Don’t be in a hurry while directing your child to specialize in one sport. Let him test his skills and practice the sport he enjoyed. Your child may wear out psychologically when doing sports olmadı in the long run ğı that he is not capable of and does not enjoy.

There are a few things to consider when entrusting your children to an instructor.


Review safety precautions. Does the coach follow the children and take the necessary measures?
Does it manage your children during pre-activity warm-up and after-cool down periods?
Does it provide the necessary hydration according to temperature and humidity before the competition and training?

Coaching style sports in childhood

Does it give every child the right to show himself?
Does he constantly shout in the game or give talented players exclusive rights?
Finally; Be positive and motivating. Be concerned about your child’s personal performance, feel the desire to win and support. Try to be a good role model for your child.

Of course, athletics and fitness is not the only choice for your child, if you are not interested in these branches, rope jumping, disabled parks, walks, dance and cycling activities can arrange for them.

The important thing is not to be successful athletes, but to give them a lifetime sport.

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