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Testosterone (Male Hormone) Guide

Monday, September 6, 2021

A healthy immune system, strong bones, shaped muscles and masculine appearance are just a few of the effects of Testosterone (Male Hormone).

What is testosterone in my writing? how is it synthesized? What is the role of testosterone in the body? You will find answers to questions such as. You will also learn about the dangers of using testosterone as doping in sports and how to increase testosterone.

Are you ready to look at testosterone from a doctor’s point of view? Then we start!

What is Testosterone (Male Hormone) ?

Testosterone, a steroid-derived hormone, is synthesized from testes in men and ovaries (leyding cells) in women. It is synthesized 20 times more in men than in women. (Normal testosterone levels are 230-1000 (ng / dl) in men and 23-80 (ng / dl) in women.)


Stimulation of testosterone synthesis begins with GNRH secreted through the hypothalamus. Increased LH through GNRH, FSH leads to the testes or ovaries and initiates the secretion of testosterone, a cholesterol-derived hormone.

After the second half of puberty, increased synthesis of testosterone reaches the highest level between the ages of 25 and 34 years. With increasing age, decreasing testosterone increases the risk of heart disease, and osteoporosis may result from decreased bone formation.

Effects of testosterone on the body

Along with increased testosterone;

It grows the sebaceous glands in the skin. This can cause acne (acne) formation.
It may cause clitoris growth (clitoromegaly) in women.
Sexual desire (ibido) increases.
An increase in body hairs and darkening of the color are observed. (puberty, puberty, puberty, etc.).
-Androgenic alopecia- (Testosterone (Male Hormone), which is converted to dihydrotestosterone form, can cause hair loss in genetically predisposed individuals.)
Reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat.
Increases muscle strength and mass.
Sound thickening, Adam apple growth is seen.
The testes grow in the tissues that produce sperm.
Bone growth and hardening increases.

It is a fact that testosterone, which many athletes use as doping, increases protein production in muscles through androgenic receptors.

But increased protein production allows athletes to have stronger and faster regenerating muscles, as well as the side effects of testosterone taken as doping.

It is known that testosterone use increases the risk of prostate cancer, heart disease and stroke in the long term.

Exercise and Testosterone

Increased testosterone in the short term after exercise is due to the stimulation of beta-adrenergic receptors. The more stimulated receptors, together with the heavier exercises, will increase testosterone secretion.

In other words, the amount of testosterone that stimulates the secretion of a peaceful gait and challenging leg training is quite different.

However, you should remember that high intensity endurance exercises can suppress testosterone release.

Why does testosterone levels decrease?

Chronic (continuous) low-calorie diets and obesity resulting in excessive nutrition,
Lack of vitamins and minerals (zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6),
Drug use,
Chronic diseases,
Sleep apnea, impaired sleep patterns,
can be sorted as.

Symptoms of low Testosterone (Male Hormone)

Sexual reluctance (loss of libido), erectile problems,
Decrease in bone density,
Increased bad cholesterol (LDL), decreased good cholesterol (HDL),
can be sorted as.

How do you increase your Testosterone (Male Hormone) naturally?

Avoid excessive oil restriction. (Testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol.)
Pay attention to your intake of vitamins and minerals. A combination of vitamins and minerals, ZMA will help you increase testosterone secretion.
Prefer compound exercises instead of isolated exercises. So you can stimulate your body to secrete more testosterone by running more muscle groups at the same time.
Restrict your alcohol intake.
A protein-rich diet stimulates the release of testosterone.
Be careful not to stay awake after 12 a.m. Sleep at least 7 hours.
Be sure to train. Even if you’re at home! Click here for training programs you can do at home.

Additional information

Testosterone (Male Hormone) facilitates the release of growth hormone.
Testosterone levels increase in the summer.
Sexual arousal increases testosterone levels.
High soy-based foods can lower testosterone levels.
Although there are many issues to be discussed about testosterone, these can be mentioned in the article. Finally, I would like to repeat that the use of doping is really harmful. Please stick to the natural ways, don’t be a victim of your ambition.

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