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6 The Fitness Legend : The wrongs you know right.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Exercise is important if you want to stay healthy, fit and fit. With the Fitness Legend series you will discover many tricks for more accurate workouts that will focus on the wrongs you know right.

Fitness Legend 1 :Shuttle is essential for specific abdominal muscles

Regional fat burning is a tailed lie. The researchers showed that abdominal training, which was performed five days a week, had no effect on the reduction of fat in the abdominal region. Based on this, we can say that the shuttle movements and derivatives used to strengthen and enlarge the abdominal muscles cannot bring you to certain abdominal muscles.

To get rid of the fat in the abdomen you need to do regular diet and appropriate cardio training. One of the most successful cardio systems designed to lose weight is the Tabata protocol and HIIT.

Fitness Legend 2 :More sweating indicates better training

During intensive exercise, a certain amount of sweating occurs. But the amount of sweating does not indicate how many calories you burn. Sweating is a way that the body uses to reduce the increased temperature through exercise. That is, season, environment and many factors change sweating regardless of the calories spent.

You should consult your doctor if you are exercising with sufficient intensity but cannot sweat. You should also keep track of how much sweating you have during the sport and replace the dehydration of your body.

Fitness Legend 3 :Running damages the knee joint

Although there are rumors that running is damaging to the knees, research has not shown an increased risk of developing osteroarthritis (a painful joint disease with knee joint wear) compared to peers of long distance runners.

The reason why women suffer from knee joint injuries more than men is that the quariceps and hamstring muscles are weaker than men. If you are running and want to continue running, you should definitely strengthen your leg muscles.

Another point to remember is that you should do cardio training with HIIT cardio system, not with long distance and low tempo. In this way, both knees less fatigue and get more benefits. For more information about HIIT, click here.

Fitness Legends 4 : Stretch movements after training provide faster recovery

Studies have shown that it is not possible to reduce lactate levels (a measure of muscle fatigue), which increase and increase muscle pain after high intensity exercise, with flexing movements.

Instead of using static stretching movements to reduce muscle pain, dynamic stretching movements should be used to increase the flexibility of the body. Click here to read our article about the treatment of muscle pain after exercise.

Fitness Legends 5 :Must exercise at least 45 minutes

The times when stable and long-term exercises are the gold standard are now behind. With short-term and high-intensity training, we are now able to control cortisol levels. With the cortisol levels we control, we are now stronger to maintain muscle mass and lose weight faster.

Cardio training, which you will perform 3 times a week with a 4-minute tabata protocol, will often benefit more than traditional long-term cardio training.

Fitness Legends 6 :Long-term exercises are always better

You actually achieve the muscle development and fat burning you expect from exercise while relaxing. Long exercise tempo can both shorten the time required to rest and cause you to be overtraining. To do this, you should keep your daily exercises (except endurance sports) under an hour and spend quite a while.

Don’t forget to share the legends you want us to review through comments.

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