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Be feed according to your body type!

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

If you know your body type, you can now achieve amazing results by simply feeding it in accordance with your body type.

Be feed according to your body type!

Feed according to your body type will facilitate your work in many subjects. What I want you to remember here is that the only determinant is not the body type. For this reason, you should examine many factors and create a nutrition program.

Protein and fat

Keeping the blood nitrogen balance roughly on the positive side, which is achieved by adequate protein intake, activates growth and ensures that muscles do not enter catabolism. It prevents. In general, 1.5 times your daily protein intake will be sufficient.

It is important that endomorphs follow protein intake; because extra protein can be used by directing the energy cycle. Thus, contrary to what is known, excess protein can be detrimental to endomorphs. Mesomorphs and exomorphs do not need to control their protein uptake relatively.

Body steroid hormones are synthesized from cholesterol. Thus, homeostasis (the natural order of the body) is maintained. Different types of fat intake should be regulated for all three body types.


Exomorphs must consume high amounts of healthy fat in their diet due to their high calorie needs. With simple knowledge of biology, it produces 2 times the energy of carbohydrates of the same weight during fat burning. As can be understood, the need for high calories can easily be met from fats.


It should regulate the fat intake of mesomorphs which are lubricated faster than the exomorphs according to calorie intake.


Endomorphs, which are the fastest lubricated body types, should regulate fat intake according to calorie intake.

Of course, the issue of restriction or freedom should not be excessive. Fat is necessary for our body and surely harmful to health.
I also give detailed information about the diet, how should I read my spelling must read!

Oil consumption management

This is exactly where the body types are separated! 50-55% of the people who do not do sports, 60% of those who do moderate sports and 65% of those who do high levels of sports (or endurance sports) should be taken from fat. (The values ​​below are based on a 70 kg 25-year-old healthy 170-foot male.)


They need to get high oil need by spreading into the day. The daily calorie requirement of an ectomorph with 70 kg of moderate activity was calculated as 3700 kcal.


You can imagine that mesomorphs should have less fat than exomorphs.


Endomores are the group that should do the best calorie follow-up. The slow metabolism suitable for lubrication does not leave even small evasions unpunished.

Serious carbohydrate consumption is not something I recommend. I explain this in my article called low carb vs. low fat. You can read for more information.

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