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How is the immune system strengthened?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Seasonal transitions, outbreaks and many more causes. It makes you vulnerable and the most frequently asked question in these periods is “How is the immune system strengthened?” is happening.

Aside from minor infections and colds, your immune system is very important for a healthy life. Because it’s one of the few insurance mechanisms that protects you from potential damage.

So you have to take good care of your immune system and my duty here is to give you the right advice to strengthen your immune system. I don’t need to keep you waiting any longer.

Why is the immune system important?

You can think of your body as a state wrapped by enemies. Because there are millions of harmful organisms, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, almost everywhere you touch them.

If these organisms enter your body and multiply without any reaction, you may die for a short period of time without treatment.

The power that protects you here is the immune system. This is because almost every area that comes into contact with the outside world, immunity elements and immunity cells constantly circulating throughout your body recognize foreign cells and instantly destroy them.

That’s how you survive.

Of course, you need to know that your own cells can betray you. The best example here is the cells that begin to divide uncontrolled, which eventually become cancerous.

In fact, every person gets cancer every second. Because many cells become cancerous. But the immune elements recognize cancer cells and destroy them before they multiply.

So if you haven’t caught cancer so far, you owe it to the immune system.

And your body gets older every second. Of course, your cells are coming to the end of your life and you need to destroy them to make room for new cells.

Immune cells undertake this task. It breaks down cells, obsolete structures and eliminates them without harming you.

As a result, the immune system,

It protects you from bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause infection.
destroys your out of control and harmful (rebel) cells.
It breaks down old cell structures and makes room for new ones.
Because of all these tasks, you need a strong immune system to live and stay healthy. Now that you see how important the situation is, I hope you will listen more carefully to my recommendations that strengthen immunity.

Let’s go into details.

How is the immune system strengthened?

The immune system is one of the most complex structures found in your body. Having too many elements and variables makes it controllable by many different situations.

As I told my patients, I will explain the immune system strengthening stages. The first step is to learn nutrients.

Foods that strengthen the immune system

Immune system elements consist of many different types of cells. All of these cells need the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Deficiencies reduce the function of the immune system.

In addition, the active ingredients contained in special nutrients enable the immune cells to distinguish harmful components better, have better mobility and thus work much more strongly.

The following are just a small portion of the foods that strengthen the immune system and the most effective. Therefore, you should not consider foods not listed as ineffective.

Iron-rich foods: Iron deficiency adversely affects the functioning of the immune system cells. Especially when I think that iron deficiency is a common condition in our country, the importance of iron-rich foods becomes more clear.

Iron-containing red meat, offal (especially liver), dark green vegetables (such as spinach) and nuts are rich in iron and should be consumed at least one serving per day. Nutritional intake in women may not be enough, in such cases iron supplementation should be done under the supervision of a physician.

Vitamin C increases iron absorption. In addition, vitamin C itself is an important factor that strengthens the immune system with its antioxidant properties.

Therefore, while consuming iron-containing meals on the one hand, take care to take vitamin C sources. The best source of vitamin C you can consume next to meals is red pepper and lemon that you chop into salad (do not squeeze the lemon).

If you can’t take vitamin C, you can take 75 mg of vitamin C supplements daily.

Garlic and ginger: While ic allicin bulunan in garlic increases the function of the immune system cells, gingerol z gingerol z in ginger facilitates the immune system’s work by weakening bacteria such as E.Coli, which frequently infects the body.

The operation is simple. Spend two cloves of garlic with your hand on an empty stomach in the morning, and at night, with a teaspoon of fresh ginger you cut the brewed hot water.

Thyme and turmeric, like ginger, fight many bacteria and fungi and strengthen the hand of the immune system. Therefore, I recommend the use of oregano oil and daily turmeric consumption.

Probiotic foods: Think of your intestines as a field of education. Your immune system cells are soldiers ready for training. Your intestinal bacteria are responsible for educating them.

What you need to do here is keep a sufficient number of beneficial bacteria in your intestines. The best thing you can do for this is to support them with probiotic foods.

Yeast foods such as kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, which you add to your daily meal diet will help you strengthen your immune system.

This effect is so evident that research shows that people who consume probiotics have fewer infections, and that even if they do, they have a better chance of surviving without antibiotics.

Vitamins that strengthen the immune system

Certain vitamins will benefit you seriously if you want to strengthen the immune system. The important point here is the fact that excessive vitamin intake does not strengthen the immune system.

In other words, without taking your blood vitamin values ​​and consulting your physician to use vitamins will bring you more harm than benefits.

I explained below two main vitamins that strengthen the immune system.

Like all body cells, vitamin D plays an important role in the functioning of immune system cells. Especially, there is a close relationship between the frequency of respiratory tract infections and vitamin D levels. The appropriate vitamin D range will be 40-70 ng / ml.

Vitamin B6 plays a key role in the metabolism of many immune cells. Especially for individuals who suffer from a slight deficiency and are not aware of the situation, the use of vitamin B6 will make very good changes.

I would also like to give some information about the important minerals on the subject.

Omega 3 fats are closely related to the immune system. Especially if there is no regular fish consumption in children, I recommend taking omega 3 oils from the outside.

Zinc, magnesium and selenium are common nutritional deficiencies in Turkish society. Therefore, if you are constantly experiencing illness or if you think your immunity is weak, it may be beneficial to take these minerals (zinc 7.5 mg, magnesium 300 mg and 100 mcg selenium).

Habits strengthening the immune system

You don’t have to eat to strengthen your immune system. Some of the habits you will acquire and stop will strengthen the immune system.

Below are the most important and if not implemented habits you need to implement immediately.

Early and adequate sleep: Sleep is an important period in which your body goes through a period of rest. If your body cannot rest well, it cannot act sufficiently constructive and enters destruction mode.

I suggest you be in bed before 24.00 and sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

Preventing stress:

Now everyone is intertwined with stress-creating factors. But this is worse than you think. Because when your body encounters stress, it enters war mode and activates your immune cells.

So far everything is great. But if the stress becomes constant, the body’s response to an excessively increased immune stimulus changes and your immune system is weakened. Therefore, you should not be exposed to stress for a long time. See my stress coping guide for advice.

Cold shower:

Taking a cold shower may not make sense to you, but the people you see in the news to the minus degrees swimming in the water have a well-known. Because the cold shower really fires the immune system.

Research shows that cold showering increases the activity of immune elements. In fact, an interesting research conducted in the blood of people who swim in winter has been found to have more defense cells.

My advice is to take a shower with cold water for five minutes a day, two days a week. If you are too cold, you can take a shower with cold water and then continue with warm water.

Stay hungry:

During your hunger, your body is in the process of rebuilding. This will continue as long as you have not sustained hunger for too long.

Especially if the immune system is damaged by people with high blood sugar, insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes, the fasting of the immune system is very effective.

If you do not know how to implement this system, you can get the details with the intermittent fasting guide.


In your decision, exercise creates a small amount of damage to your body and activates your immune system. In addition, the increased antioxidant capacity of your immune system will cause less damage.

If possible, high-paced walks in places where you get good oxygen will help you to strengthen your immune system.

Appropriate exercise should be at least three days a week, 30-45 minutes per day, fast paced walking (even jogging and weight training if possible).

Professional athletes become sick more often. This is due to the weakness of their bodies due to excessive exercise. The conclusion is that over exercising will not protect you from illness and will harm you.

I’m even attributing the majority of cancer cases to shocking professional athletes.


Quitting smoking habit,
To erase the feeling of hatred and hatred,
quite important to relieve the immune system.

Ways to strengthen the immune system

I repeat the last time to do what is necessary to strengthen the immune system.

Pay attention to the lack of iron. Consume foods rich in iron.
Consume foods rich in vitamin C. Take vitamin C supplements if you can’t consume.
Consume ginger, turmeric, garlic. These foods are consumed daily strengthens your immune system.
Consume probiotic foods.
Stay open.
Reduce the coffee.
Stay away from toxins. Try to eat naturally.
Note the lack of vitamin D and B6.
Take omega 3, zinc, selenium and magnesium.
Watch your sleep patterns.
Avoid stress. Try to reduce it.
Take a cold shower.
Of course, there are many things to add except my suggestions above. But my suggestions here will vary with the individual’s condition, illness and needs.

So what’s your immune-boosting formula? Don’t forget to share it with me.

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