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Stomach Reduction Surgery vs Intermittent Fasting

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

If you see stomach reduction surgery (tube stomach) as a single remedy, stop! These surgeries are not your last resort!

Latest fashion stomach reduction surgeries! Due to exaggerated results, this method has become a great advertising object. People were encouraged, miraculously declared. The “obesity surgeon” or “metabolic surgery center” was full. Investments were made, campaigns were organized, and even news.

But like all popular things, there are dark results behind stomach reduction surgery. But for some reason, these risks only arise in the news that deaths often occur, or in the forms of consent signed by patients.

So the only remedy is stomach reduction surgery? Is it always the right choice to cause irreversible damage to your body?

From my point of view, the answer is no, because only the very limited gastric reduction surgery is suitable for the patient because it is profitable and easy to be done to anyone who wants. Even if the patient doesn’t want to, there are such good persuasion mechanisms that individuals are directed to dead end as if the only solution is stomach reduction operation.

That’s why I want to share the facts with you.

Let’s see the facts and the stomach reduction operations from my point of view from my point of view!

About stomach reduction operations

There are currently several different types of stomach reduction operations that are actively used. All of them have different indications according to their advantages and disadvantages.

First, let’s examine the stomach reduction operations according to their side effects, advantages and disadvantages. Only in this way can you understand the subject better.

We have two important types of operations here. Gastric by-pass, roux-en-Y and sleeve gastrectomy.

Gastric by-pass: In this operation, both the stomach size is reduced and some part of the intestine responsible for absorption is disabled. Thus, the patient absorbs both less space and less food.

Although it is almost guaranteed to lose weight with gastric by-pass, it leaves behind a few possible problems. The most important of these is chronic nutritional deficiencies due to sudden bowel emptying and disruption of absorption called dumping syndrome.

Almost all people who have undergone gastric bypass have to take vitamin supplements intramuscularly or intravenously for life, although they lose weight rapidly.

Sleeve gastrectomy: In the so-called “tube stomach” operation, most of the stomach is removed. But the bowel order is not intervened. In this method that heals faster, the chance of permanent success is less because only the stomach is reduced. In other words, even if the patient loses weight, patients whose habits do not change due to the expandable mechanism of the stomach may gain weight rapidly and may need to be re-operated.

After the gastric tube operation, the complaint of reflux also begins – or worsens, if any. Therefore, in individuals with reflux, increased risk of esophageal cancer due to smoking and alcohol intake, personal opinion is not to perform the operation.

Tube stomach defeat

Many of my patients had lost weight rapidly after tube gastric surgery, but had regained their weight over the course of several years.

When they came to me, they were very sad, confused and insecure. I understand them very well. Because no one had informed them about the risks, the weight gain, and other situations.

As a result, instead of a difficult and effective lifestyle change, someone had just done a simple operation and then sent them home.

That’s the problem. Because in a disease where lifestyle change is essential for treatment, it is inevitable that you will be defeated if you trust only the sharp face of the scalpel.

Who should have a stomach operation?

My patients often ask me about it. Therefore, an algorithm is needed. I have developed the following algorithm using data from existing research.

The first condition for weight loss surgery is to try to lose weight with 3 different experts. If you haven’t tried it, you haven’t given yourself enough chance.

Remember, stomach reduction surgery is a last resort and doesn’t change any of your habits. It just forces you to change your habits and gives you a little time.

If you do not use this time, you will fail again. Here are these operations to perform your diet experience in different ways that you have consistently failed. No other mission or other situation.

Okay, if you couldn’t lose weight with 3 different methods or experts, and if any of the following conditions indicate you,

Body mass index is more than 40 and healthy,

Body mass index is more than 35 and has additional diseases (hypertension, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea syndrome and so on)
If drug treatment is not suitable for obesity and the need to lose weight is medically proven,
obesity surgery. But wait, we’re not done here. Because instead of taking the patient in a hurry, a psychiatric evaluation is necessary.

This last and necessary step is often skipped and the patient finds himself in the operating room “if he has money or health insurance”. But many of these patients are obsessed with weight and are emotionally unstable. So he may not be able to make the decision for surgery well and may regret it later.

Even if you don’t regret it, one can feel much worse after the operation when you put the stress of surgery on these emotionally unstable patients.

It’s not just me, the research says. She’s been traumatized after stomach reduction.

As a result, the result is not a good evaluation and emotionally durable individuals entering the operation with the result is a huge destruction!

Is intermittent fasting instead of stomach reduction?

We’ve come to the important point. My surgeon friends may be very angry with me, but I need to share what I believe with people who need it, and the point is:

Intermittent fasting is as effective as stomach reduction surgery in many cases.

Yeah, I know it sounds incredible, but how?

Starvation is essential. The most important reason why stomach reduction operations appear to be more effective than other diets is that they force the body into fasting mode. Because stomach volume is reduced or absorption is restricted. As a result, the body receives less nutrients than it should.

Can you tell me something else that makes this happen?

Natural hunger, fasting.

As I said before, the stomach is an expandable organ and the lifestyle you don’t change will cause you trouble in the long run, even if you reduce your stomach.

Research says that in five years, 50% of the weight lost by stomach operation is restored.

But intermittent fasting isn’t like that, because it’s a lifestyle and you can’t get your weight back as long as you live!

Positive metabolic change provides treatment. Undernutrition changes important hormones and values ​​such as insulin, ghrelin, leptin, CRP in a positive way. This actually causes obesity and is also the result of obesity.

When this is the case, providing the right metabolic change provides treatment. So the issue is not just reducing the amount of fat. For this reason, not every diet provides metabolic change, does not treat diabetes. Now you understand why I don’t recommend bread-consuming diets that contain six meals?

There is great research to confirm this. It’s quite stunning.

Although liposuction (fat removal operation) reduces the body’s fat mass does not have a metabolically positive effect.

It does not reduce insulin resistance and does not alter the risk of cardiovascular disease. So the situation is that the benefit of reducing the amount of fat for the right diet, or even not to eat, you need to starve.

In fact, several other studies have shown that the intermittent hunger system simulates gastric reduction and likewise provides positive change. Because the desired metabolic change is achieved only by fasting, and the body is forcibly starved by the reduction of the stomach.

E you don’t need surgery for this, because you have intermittent fasting!

Try the intermittent fasting app before surgery!

Stomach reduction is never the first choice because it doesn’t create lifestyle changes, does a great deal of damage and is not suitable for everyone. You should know that, and you shouldn’t go easy.

No matter how much you pay, obesity is not easy to treat!

Research confirms me and shows that intermittent fasting to treat obesity provides treatment just like a stomach reduction operation.

An experienced and experienced physician can save you from this. Remember, having a bad diet before doesn’t mean that your diet isn’t working. You just couldn’t find the proper diet.

As a result, think again if you plan to lie under the knife for a workaround.

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