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6 Bad Exercise Habits While Doing Sports

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Defined by the latest research, the best “way önleyici to prevent diseases, the exercise helps protect your body from head to toe. Regular and adequate exercise can protect you from many diseases such as psychiatric disorders, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

We will examine the 6 bad habits that prevent you from catching a proper and effective training pace and what you need to do to quit these habits.

Doing exercise with empty stomach

Many experts recommend training with an empty stomach to burn more fat. But training with an empty stomach may not be appropriate for you.

Avoiding endurance and strength exercises

We agree that the cardio contributes to healthy living.
In addition, weight training;
You get healthier bones,
Decrease insulin resistance,
Reduce blood cholesterol and fat levels,
It helps. In addition, growing muscles increases the amount of calories the body consumes daily. Increased calorie requirement allows you to burn fat faster.

At least 2 days a week, perform strength training consisting of compound exercises (running several muscle and joint groups at the same time).

Excessive training

There is no evidence that over-training will lead to faster development. In addition, long workouts and short rest periods can get you into overtraining. Your hard-working muscles and joints that are under constant pressure may become crippled after a while.

Keep training time short and allow your body time to rest.

Social during exercise

Even though you spend a long time in the gym, you realize that you only work for half an hour after the training session, and you are probably too sociable if you often come across it. You can solve this habit by paying attention to a few things.

Do not carry your mobile phone with you or switch to airplane mode. Do not let incoming calls or messages interrupt your exercise.
Avoid talking for a long time with people around you. By wearing your headset, you can tell people around you that you don’t want to be disturbed.

Prepare your training program. Thinking about which exercise to do during training disrupts your motivation.

Not paying attention to fluid consumption

Fluid loss is a big problem for those who do sports with changes in seasons. Dehydration (fluid loss) by examining our article you can get detailed information about fluid loss.

You should consume 600 ml of liquid 2 hours before exercise. During exercise, you should take 100 ml of liquid every 20 minutes, regardless of the feeling of thirst. You should also weigh after the exercise and consume 150 ml of liquid per 100 grams you have lost. You can also easily replace the lost electrolytes in coconut water.

Not paying attention to the technique

Exercise technique is one of the most important points you should pay attention to in order to reach your goal as a result of the exercises. You may become crippled as a result of a technique that you do not pay attention to in order to lift more weight or to exercise faster. You can also switch to targeted muscle groups instead of targeted muscle groups and skip targeted muscle groups.

Be sure to follow the technique of the exercises you do at home. The exercise guide category can help you with this.
Do not hurry . Try to capture the right tempo.
High weights do not improve you further. Target the right muscle groups and be sure to run the targeted muscle groups.

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