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10 Ways To Prevent Sports Injuries

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Sports injuries; They are situations that can happen to anyone involved in any sport, be it walking, running or boxing. In order not to be exposed to such situations or to get rid of the least damage, some precautions should be taken. In addition, these measures you will take will help you get the most benefit from sports.

Take Medical Checkup

If you are just starting to do sports or you do not have a previous health report, have your health status checked by a physician and have a sports check up. Thus, learn about the health problems you may encounter during sports, which you may not realize, and inform your individual trainer. In this way, you will avoid exercises that can force you.

Personalized Exercise Program

In line with your body’s deficiencies, follow the exercise program that best suits your physical structure, accompanied by your personal trainer. Find out which sport your body is suitable for. In this way, you can prevent unnecessary strain on your body with the exercises you cannot do, and you can minimize sports injuries and injuries by increasing your physical capacity with exercises suitable for you.

Warm-up and Cool-down movements

Make sure to warm up and cool down before and after exercise. In this way, while preparing your body to exercise mentally and physically, you can prevent possible injuries that may develop due to loads. Studies have shown that warm-up and cooling exercises before and after exercise have a protective effect on musculoskeletal system injuries.

Listen to Your Body During Exercise

Pay attention to the changes in your body while exercising. Remember that findings such as heart rate (pulse), dehydration (thirst), shortness of breath, and chest pain are the main parameters that determine how hard you are during exercise, what you need and the quality of your exercise program. In this way, you can protect yourself from possible risks or excessive muscle pain that may occur after exercise.

Practice Your Exercise Program Regularly

It should be applied regularly and at certain intervals to reveal the effects of exercise. Apply your exercise program at regular intervals and in controlled increments. Irregularly practicing the exercise program or changing movement during the workout are factors that hinder your exercise efficiency and improvement. To prevent injuries, you should follow your current program regularly and increase the intensity of your exercises periodically, in consultation with your individual trainer.

Learn the Biomechanics of Exercises!

Performing exercises with the right biomechanics is very important in terms of reducing injuries. Because in this way, you can work the area you need to work more efficiently while less load on your joints during exercise. Consult your physical therapist or individual trainer to learn the correct technique for performing the exercises.

Concentrate on Sports Injuries and Injuries

Mental concentration is essential to minimize injuries while working. With a good focus, controlling which muscle group is working protects you from injuries due to attention deficit. By concentrating better, you increase the efficiency of your work and get better results.

Rest Well After Exercise

If you are doing a long-term and station-style workout, pay attention to recovery (rest) and exercise times. Allow yourself time to recover from micro traumas caused by exercise by determining exercise and rest periods well. In this way, your muscle pain will decrease.

Correct Nutrition

One of the biggest mistakes made while doing sports is not eating well and skipping meals. Support your exercise with a healthy diet program. Eat your meal 2 hours before exercising and let your body digest nutrients until you exercise. You should consume high quality carbohydrates before exercise and contribute to muscle building by consuming protein-rich foods after exercise. Consult your dietician for sports-specific nutrition.

Exercise with the Right Sports Materials

Another factor that affects injuries while exercising is the equipment you use. Choose your sportswear with features that can absorb your sweat and be comfortable. Since your sports equipment, especially your sports shoes, will absorb the ground reaction force with every step, it should be chosen according to the sport you will do. If you have a problem with foot biomechanics, you should consult your physiotherapist to get a suitable insoles and use it to support your feet while doing sports. Thus, by reducing your pressing problem, both feet can be loaded at the same rate during exercise.

These are points that many of us know but neglect to consider. It is more important to be conscious than to be knowledgeable. If you want to continue your sports life healthier and more consciously, you should pay attention to these issues. In this way, you can keep sports injuries and injuries to a minimum.

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