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What is a Pesticides and their types, effects and harms?

Monday, September 6, 2021

Substances and methods such as chemicals, some organic components, disinfectants used to eliminate the harmful effects of bacteria, viruses and pests are called “Pesticides”.

Although the name sounds foreign to us, Pesticides we encounter a lot in our lives; Besides being beneficial in terms of growing vegetables and fruits without harming in nature and purifying our living areas from harmful microorganisms, it can pose a great threat to human health due to misuse.

Although there are many Pesticides used in human history for many years, chemical pesticides cover the biggest place today.

Pesticide types

  • Bactericide: Bactericides
  • Ahicide: Bird killers
  • ─░nsaktisid: Substances used against insects and pests
  • Fungusid: Substance used against fungi
  • Herbicide: Substances used against weeds
  • Mollusid: Substances used against molluscs
  • Rodensid: Substances used against rodents
  • Nematisid: Substances used against nematodes
  • Acaricide (Miticid): Substances used against mites
  • Defoliants: Leaf fallers

Effects and harms of pesticides

Today, Pesticides commonly used in the form of sprays adhere to the surfaces of vegetables and fruits as a result of adsorption. In some times, these foods, which are consumed raw, cannot be cleaned sufficiently. In such cases, exposure occurs through the digestive system.

Pesticides join our blood circulation and reach our vital organs and systems by accidental inhalation of substances such as pesticides or in some cases by absorption through the skin. After this situation, some effects can be seen in the short term or long term.

When we think of the short-term effects of pesticides exposure, the first things that come to our mind are acute poisoning and allergic reactions. Especially those dealing with agricultural affairs are at great risk. Many cases of pesticide poisoning occur as a result of careless and sloppy spraying. The main symptoms of acute pesticide poisoning:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Sweating
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Palpitation
  • It can be counted as involuntary contractions.

If you suspect such a situation in yourself or in a relative, it is very important to apply to a health institution immediately. Because acute pesticide poisoning can result in death if not intervened in time.

In addition to these symptoms, laboratory tests (blood tests etc.) are used in the diagnosis of acute pesticide poisoning. If the exposed substance can be determined, treatment is carried out using the necessary antidote (antidote).

Likewise, life-threatening conditions may occur in pesticide related allergic reactions. Sudden lesions and respiratory difficulties can be counted as symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Genetic damage and cancers related to it are the main effects of long-term effects, especially in chronically exposed individuals. In addition, impairments occur in the liver, kidneys and muscular systems.

In addition to these effects, anomalies are observed in the fetus exposed to these substances in the womb. Sometimes pregnancy can end with a miscarriage.

What should we do to protect?

Precautions must be taken to protect from the harmful effects of pesticides. Failure to do spraying with appropriate spraying materials and by experts in this field and carelessness often result in intense pesticide exposure.

If it is not used in accordance with the usage information given in the pesticides packaging and it is used more than necessary, it can reach protective toxic doses and cause acute poisoning. Pesticides should never be inhaled directly and must not be contacted directly. It is absolutely necessary to wear a mask and protective gloves to cover the mouth and nose during application.

In order not to be exposed to pesticides for a longer period, the residues that appear after spraying should be removed both from our own habitat and from the living spaces of other living things. It should be ensured that fruits and vegetables are free of these substances. Another point to note is that items such as pesticides in homes are kept out of reach of children.

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