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Healthy slimming methods

Monday, September 6, 2021

Obesity, which is one of the most important health problems of developed and developing countries, occurs as a result of the energy taken from food more than the energy spent. When the body cannot burn the excess energy it receives with nutrients, it begins to store it as fat in certain parts of the body.

Among the main reasons affecting the increase in obesity are the decrease in natural food consumption in recent years, the increase in fast food consumption and the decrease in physical activity due to the inability to allocate time to eat in daily work pace. The increase in the amount of fat in the body is the basis of many chronic ailments.

Insulin resistance, heart and vascular diseases, type2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gallbladder and liver diseases, sleep apnea, kidney diseases, musculoskeletal disorders are the leading complications when body fat mass increases. That’s why one of the most curious people who want to lose weight is the question of how do I get healthy.

What is healthy slimming?

Taking the nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin and mineral needed by the body in sufficient and balanced amounts is to lose weight without any physical structure degradation.

Exercise programs, which are applied in addition to slimming diets specially prepared according to the age, gender, socio-economic structure and eating habits of the person, are the most effective weight loss method. One of the most common problems in diet programs is the sentence of the person that I want to lose weight quickly.

Shock diets, single-food diets, high-protein and low-carbohydrate diets, which are recommended as a rapid weight loss method, can damage the body’s energy balance, causing metabolism to slow down and also irreversible ailments.

Occasional slimming trends can cause the body to stay hungry for a long time, causing negative effects on the stomach, liver, intestine, kidney and thyroid hormones. Making healthy eating habits a routine of your daily life instead of very low-calorie diets both increases your quality of life and makes your body more resistant to possible disease risks.

Healthy slimming methods

For the weight loss methods, the first step is healthy eating and the second step is the regular physical activity habit. With a few minor changes that you can apply in your daily life, you can increase your muscle mass and speed up your metabolism.

With regular physical activity that allows you to ignore minor malfunctions that may occur in your diet, you will also feel much more fit. Physical activities such as 45 minutes or 1 hour walking, swimming, plates, aerobics, yoga during the day without overloading your body makes it easy to reach your ideal weight.

In addition, regular exercises support your body to help you get much more fit. Regular exercise that is effective in melting fat accumulated in areas such as hips, hips, belly, back protects you against diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and blood pressure.

With belly melting exercises, you can get rid of fat in the most resistant part of the body. Starting the day with a breakfast that contains lots of protein, cheese, whole grain bread, tomatoes, cucumbers and parsley and consuming at least 2 liters of water throughout the day are among the ways to lose weight.

How to lose weight in a healthy way?

The individual who wants to lose weight should first set a target that can be reached. A malnutrition program that will challenge the person in his daily life will cause him to quit the diet because it will not be sustainable.

Personalized diet and realistic goals that enable the person to gain the right eating habits are among the ways of healthy slimming. Choosing boiled or grilled style dishes, avoiding dough desserts and prefering milk desserts instead of dough desserts are the first steps taken for healthy nutrition.

The regularity of the main meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the presence of healthy snacks such as fruit, walnuts, almonds prevent the body from getting excessive calories.

Consumption of fresh fruit and herbal teas instead of ready-made fruit juice, acidic beverages both eliminates edema in the body and increases fat burning by preventing the accumulation of toxins.

Adding spices to meals, using whole wheat, rye or wholemeal bread instead of white bread, and consuming salads at every meal also prevent bowel problems that prevent weight loss by regulating the work of the intestines.

For healthy slimming methods with adequate and balanced nutrition, help from a specialist is absolutely necessary.

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