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Ways to Stay Fit at Intensive Business Tempo and Vacation

Monday, September 6, 2021

Holidays, journeys and intense pace of work. These days remain a painful reality for those who do sports. This article is for you if you constantly spoil your diet during holidays and busy work schedule, if your diet is disrupted and your training program fails!

We explained what you need to do to stay in shape in two separate titles, diet and exercise. Holidays and busy work tempo will no longer be your fearful dream.

Diet at busy work pace and on holiday

You pay extra effort to pay attention to your diet during intense work pace and on vacation because you did sports or diet all year. It is natural that the idea of wasting your efforts wasted will frighten you.

So what do you need to do in these periods when your diet is at high risk of disruption? Let’s explain now!

Place the order first

It sounds funny, but there is a logical explanation for this. People have instincts to follow each other. Your friend who has a fatty, unhealthy and abundant calorie meal before you will both spoil your diet motivation and cause your decisions to change.

For this reason, make the first order according to your preferences.

Also, it is very important for you to discover the restaurants in your destination and the region you work in. If you don’t know what alternatives are around you, you can finally find yourself at a pizzeria.

Regulate your fluid intake

Studies show that people who drink enough fluids get fewer calories than people who don’t drink enough fluids. Be careful with your fluid intake to keep your calorie intake under control and lose weight in a healthy way. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day.

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Take your snacks with you

Snacks help you overcome your hunger crises and reduce the amount of calories you eat at main meals. For this reason, always have a few healthy snacks with you. Be sure, the snacks you make will save your diet.

Have you thought to be hungry?

If you do not want to carry your snacks with you or if you say “Have I eaten right?” Intermittent fasting!

Intermittent fasting word meaning intermittent fasting; a diet system that contains long fasting periods and you can eat what you want during the remaining short feeding period. Intermittent fasting, which is very effective and feasible, can help you to apply your diet during intense work pace and vacation. You both save time and weaken on vacation; it sounds pretty good, right?

Do not forget to start intermittent fasting some time before going on vacation. It may take some time for your body to get used to this system.

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Don’t try to be perfect

Even most professionals never follow their 100% diet. So, you ?

There are a lot of people who could not resist the busy work pace or on vacation and think that their diet has been disturbed once and return to malnutrition again. Never make this common mistake.

If you are fed poorly, accept your escape and never think about going back. Mark the day you fled from the calendar and calculate the extra calories you get. Try to compensate for the extra calories you have in the 3 days that continue, or exercise at home.

Recent recommendations

Of course, what you will do is not only with these. There are a few other points that we want to remind you, besides many things that are known and you need to pay attention.

Stop eating at night. Eating at night raises your blood sugar and makes it easier to gain weight. Also, your falling growth hormone level makes fat burning difficult. We have a detailed article on growth hormone: a guide to growth hormone (GH)

Restrict alcohol intake. Holiday is one of the processes where intense alcohol intake is made. It will damage your diet and disrupt your hormone profile with thousands of calories in your alcohol. Therefore, restrict alcohol intake.

Follow the suggestions. We have many articles about slimming. By reading these articles, you can learn other issues you need to pay attention to. We have a page with all the articles about slimming: I want to lose weight.

Sports at busy business pace and on holiday

You quit where you are constantly exercising or you do not have enough time to exercise anymore. You know these will never be an excuse for you, admit it and take a look at how to exercise!

Start the day with exercise

There is no “right time” concept for exercise. However, experts state that it is easier to exercise in the first half of the day at an intense pace. The longer your day, the tiredness and other causes will lower your motivation. So consider getting up early and exercising in the morning.

Research shows that people are more loyal to morning exercises. If you stop exercising all the time, try exercising in the morning.

Run multiple muscles simultaneously

You have limited time and you want to get the most out of your exercise. For this reason, make sure that your exercises are “compound”. You can run more than one muscle group at a time with the combined exercises. This helps you spend more calories in a short time.

It is useful to read: Which Exercise Type Should You Choose? Isolated vs Compound

Choose cardio exercises right

Conventional cardio exercises cannot help you burn enough calories in a short time. Also, long cardio sessions cause you to be bored. Therefore, choose high intensity interval exercises.

This type of exercise not only maximizes your heartbeat in a short time, but also ensures that fat burning continues after exercise. The 2 most recommended high intensity interval exercises are HIIT and Tabata protocol.

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Exercise at home is not bad idea

If you are at home, the gym is closed or you have no equipment, nothing changes. There are many exercise and training programs that can be done at home.

With these, you can get in shape during the holiday or intense work tempo or keep your form. All you have to do is spend 30 minutes a day on the exercises. Isn’t it time to get up off the computer?

Recent recommendations

Leave social media aside. Social media can cause you to lose time during the day. Plan to halve the time spent on computer and television. So you can burn more calories. A good exercise is more useful than looking at cat pictures on Facebook, be sure.

Follow yourself. Knowing how many calories you have taken, how many steps you have taken and how many calories you have burnt helps you move more accurately. For this reason, plan your day, note what you eat and exercise. This allows you to see your progress.

If there are methods that you apply in your intensive work pace and on holiday, do not forget to share with us through comments.

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