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Suggestions to Increase Testosterone Level

Monday, September 6, 2021

Testosterone is a very important hormone for many athletes to increase muscle mass and improve performance.

One of the golden keys to success is to control this vital hormone correctly and to keep it at the highest possible level.

In this article I will list what you can do to increase the hormone testosterone.

To learn about the testosterone hormone, you can read the article called testosterone (male hormone) guide.

More testosterone!

Faster performance gains, stronger muscles and a better body. Many hard-to-reach targets may be closer to you than you think.

Lose weight

Reducing the amount of fat in your body indirectly increases your testosterone production while directly lowering your estrogen level.

In addition, adipose tissue helps produce a hormone called estrogen, which is found in women. The feminine breast type that is common in fatty men occurs due to increased estrogen and is called gynecomastia.

In the healthy diet you use to lose weight, you should limit your carbohydrate intake. Your restricted carbohydrate intake will decrease your insulin resistance, and the amount of storage fat will decrease in a short time with decreasing insulin resistance.

Decrease your fructose intake, which has a higher risk of turning into oil, to raise your testosterone level. Your daily fructose intake should not exceed 25 grams, including the fruits you eat.

You can review the weight loss guide for what you need to know about weight loss and the calorie need calculation tool for your daily calorie needs.

Do not forget to take cholesterol

Discussions about the cholesterol you need for the continuation of life continue at full speed. Put aside these discussions and take a good look at cholesterol, which plays a vital role in hormone and cell structure.

Like all hormones in the steroid hormone category, you need cholesterol to synthesize testosterone.

The habit of not paying attention to cholesterol intake, which is one of the common mistakes made by dieting athletes, causes both your hormone levels to decrease and your performance to decrease.

The daily recommended cholesterol intake should be a maximum of 300 mg if you are completely healthy, and a maximum of 200 mg if you have cardiovascular disease.

Known sources of cholesterol

Egg yolk,
Fish oil,
can be listed as.

You should also be careful to take as much fat as cholesterol. This balance is very important for you to protect your heart health.

Healthy oil definition and selection can be complicated. I also recommend you to read the article named “The healthiest oils” that will help you.

Are you aware of foods that increase testosterone?

Some foods are highly skilled at increasing testosterone levels with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids or special ingredients.

With these nutrients and the right lifestyle, you can achieve great results. Here are some of those foods

Celery stalk
Wondering about other foods, wondering how the foods on the list increase testosterone level?

Then a post called natural foods that increase testosterone is waiting for you.

Review your vitamin intake

There are many vitamins, minerals and oils that play a vital role in testosterone production. The most important of these vitamins and minerals

Vitamin D,
B12, B6 and B1 vitamins,
Omega 3,
can be listed as.

Some of these vitamins, minerals, and oils work inside the testosterone molecule, while others stimulate structures that control testosterone production.

It consists of ZMA magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, which are often preferred by athletes and men who have difficulty in having children. To make your own testosterone-boosting ZMA blend at home, you can read the article called ZMA-made at home.

Choose high-intensity workouts

Research shows that short and high-intensity exercises increase testosterone levels. There are two proven and proven methods among high-intensity training methods.

The fact that short training periods increase the level of testosterone does not mean that long training will not increase the amount of testosterone. However, excessively prolonged (90 minutes and over) exercise programs can stress your body and suppress testosterone production.

The recommended exercise time is between 30 and 60 minutes.

These can be listed as HIIT and Tabata protocol.

This system, which is the abbreviation of the initials of high intensity interval training words called HIIT and used by many elite athletes, includes high and low intensity exercise periods.

HIIT can be used by adapting to both weight and cardio exercises.

For detailed information about HIIT, you can read the article entitled with HIIT.

The Tabata protocol was discovered by a Japanese scientist named Izumi Tabata.

Tabata protocol, which can be defined as the customized version of the HIIT system, works with the principle of applying 20 sets of 20 seconds of intensive exercise and 20 seconds of rest periods.

It would be a big mistake to underestimate this exercise, which lasted 4 minutes in total. Because many athletes cannot complete this 4-minute exercise the first time.

Tabata protocol can be adapted to both painful and cardio exercises like HIIT.

For detailed information about the Tabata protocol, you can read the article with Tabata in 4 minutes.

Pay attention to weight training

Weight exercises are as effective as cardio workouts to increase testosterone levels. There are a few tips to increase testosterone level while practicing weight training.

Prefer compound exercises. Compound exercises run more muscle fiber at the same time than isolated exercises and provide more intensive muscle development. This means more testosterone.

What type of exercise should I choose to learn about compound exercises? You can choose to write composite vs isolated.

Do not be overtraining.

When your body is unable to recover the damage caused by intensive work during rest, an overtraining table appears.

This picture means stubborn injuries, chronic fatigue and unwillingness. The cortisol hormone, which increases with the stress environment, may cause your muscles to break down and the testosterone level to decrease.

For detailed information about Overtraining, you can take a look at my overtraining guide.

Do not shorten the set breaks.

It can make it harder for you to take the oxygen, building elements and remove waste that your muscles need to lift weights between short sets.

In this case, if your muscles meet with weight again, its strength will not increase enough while its strength increases.

For this reason, avoid short sets. It will be better to apply HIIT and tabata protocol with cardio exercises to improve your endurance….

Sleep and rest

Along with sleep hormone production, it is one of the most important actors of a healthy and happy life.

To understand how effective sleep is on the production of testosterone hormone, see this research:

A study at the University of Chicago found that men who sleep less than 5 hours a day decrease testosterone levels by 10% to 15%.

The sleep required for effective testosterone production also reduces the synthesis of cortisol, called the stress hormone. This means less muscle breakdown, better exercise performance and more testosterone.

You can learn the benefits of sleep by writing about everything about sleep.

You can also take a look at the nutrients and supplements you can use for insomnia with 7 nutrients to help you sleep well and 7 nutritional supplements for a good sleep.

Sleep isn’t just about time. Sleep quality is also seriously important.

When this is the case, reducing the artificial light exposure, which seriously impairs sleep quality, should be the first choice. Details in the artificial light guide!

Stay away from chemicals

The chemicals that have begun to enter our lives more are now everywhere. Unfortunately, the fact that you encounter chemicals like in cartoons doesn’t just paint you green.

Many chemicals change your endocrine (hormonal) system and force it to fail. Some of these chemicals directly affect testosterone production.

By removing these chemicals from your life, you can increase your testosterone level and take an important step to stay healthy.

Pesticides and petroleum products are products that you frequently encounter in daily life. Briefly, pesticides that we can call pesticides are found in almost all vegetables and animal foods, while petroleum products are in the content of many plastics.

For this reason, you should turn to organic foods and avoid unapproved petroleum products.

It is up to your imagination to stay away from these products that are part of your life. It is a must for today to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags, to prefer glass ones when buying a carboy and to be creative in many other areas.

Do not heat plastic products. Using approved plastic products does not mean that you can heat them. Do not heat any plastic products. Prevent plastic products that you heat from coming into contact with your food and body.

Examine shampoo and other personal chemicals. Many personal care products contain chemicals that will reduce testosterone levels. Review the table on the products you will receive. Never purchase products containing DBP, DEP, DEHP, BzBP and DMP.

I have prepared a more detailed article on this topic called the hormone disorder guide.

Take a cold shower

The testicles cannot work at body temperature. This structure requires them to be housed outside the body.

Researchers, who were inspired by this information, found that when the ambient temperature increased from 37 ° to 43 ° during an experiment in mice, testosterone production decreased by 65.4%.

Also, the cold shower is seriously important for recovery after exercise. Is a cold shower necessary on this subject? You can get detailed information in my article.

For this reason, taking a cold shower in the summer months may allow you to produce more testosterone.

Conclusion: Increasing testosterone level

I would like to briefly list what you need to do to increase testosterone.

Getting rid of excess weight,
To exercise,
Adequate and high quality sleep,
Getting away from harmful chemicals,
Take a cold shower after sports.
You now have all the information needed for more testosterone hormones. Let’s start!

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