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Quick and Natural Bodybuilding Guide

Monday, September 6, 2021

Trying to increase your muscle mass to have a healthy, strong and aesthetic body, you spend your time with intense diets and exercises.

Instead of believing in advertisements, hidden formulas and special pills / powders you see in the Internet, television and newspapers, you are here now and I will clarify everything you need to increase your muscle mass.

But before I get to our subject, I want to touch on a few important points.

Doing natural bodybuilding will never exaggerate you and get big muscles. This is a topic misunderstood as a society. You need to spend decades and thousands of dollars to look like the exaggeration in the pictures for male / female figures.

Exercising normally gives you just the muscle mass you need to stay healthy. You can read the article Why you should increase your muscle mass to see how healthy the muscle mass is for women and men.

Fast bodybuilding is often a big bubble. This bubble inflates the so-called “drug” and sports equipment ads. In this article, I will show you the tricks and facts you can use for your rapid bodybuilding.

How your muscles grow

Before touching on the tricks to develop your muscles, you need to understand the subject in depth and know how your muscles are developing to interpret correctly. By explaining this, I will enable you to gain a correct and healthy perspective.

The development of your muscles – which we call muscle growth hypertrophy. – Two different mechanisms are provided.

The first mechanism configures muscle fibers with protein to adapt muscle cells that are strained and worn out during exercise. This structuring not only helps you make your muscle cells larger, but also helps you get stronger.

In the second mechanism, it is operated by cells called “satellite cells” that act as stem cells. When these cells are activated, they add nuclei to the muscle cells they need and help them grow.

As we have seen, muscle growth varies depending on the strengthening and reconstruction of existing cells, not on the construction of new muscle cells. For this reason, genetics is very important in bodybuilding like many sports.

Fast and natural muscle building: Exercise

There is no miracle method to grow your muscles, it never happened and will never happen. Even so, a few tricks will always help you shorten your path and reach your goal faster.

In order to examine these shortcuts and tricks more comfortably and to understand them correctly, I will examine three feet as exercise, diet and life.

Lift heavy

Your muscles wear more with high weight, your more wearing muscles store more protein, grow and strengthen. You can lift more weight with your strengthened muscles.

As long as this vicious circle continues, you will continue to have larger muscles. Check out the picture below. You’ll notice that this picture shows a truth discovered centuries ago about heavy lifting.

The picture you see above is the wrestler Milo, thought to exist in ancient Greek civilization. In this animation, you see the development of your body with the weight that Milo lifts, right?

It is a fact known for centuries that high weights have developed the body.

You should not exercise with weights that you cannot lift and that push you excessively. The term high weight represents the maximum weight that you can do 6 to 8 reps with that movement.

Improve your technique

The right exercise technique allows you to have larger muscles and healthy joints, while the wrong exercise technique only leads to injury and time loss. For this reason, be sure to correct your technique before focusing on development.

I have a few small but effective suggestions for the right exercise technique.

Apply the movement slowly and in a controlled manner.
Do not lift the weight by shaking while doing the exercise. (Weights that are more than you can lift prevent you from focusing on the desired chassis.)

Do not lock your joints at the peak of the movement. (Locking your joints causes your muscles to lose tension and a large part of the weight will load your joints.)

Keep your workouts short

You should organize your exercises intensively and for a short time. This is imperative for your body to provide the environment it needs to continue post-workout work.

Therefore, keep your exercises between 45 minutes and 90 minutes.

Prolonged exercise increases the release of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, in your body. High cortisol levels are responsible for many processes from increasing fat to muscle breakdown.

For detailed information about cortisol, you can read the article called cortisol hormone guide.

Go for compound exercises

Exercises that run multiple joints and muscle groups are called compound exercises. This type of exercise supports hormone release, increase in strength indirectly, fat burning and increase in muscle mass compared to isolated muscles.

For this reason, you should definitely include compound exercises in the training pace. This will allow you to gain more muscle in a short time.

Some of the best compound exercises you can use

Bench press,
can be listed as.

Do not constantly practice the same training program

As you can recall from the paragraph that we explained the muscle development, the muscle directs the growth response according to the situation it is exposed to. In other words, muscle cells are repaired, new nuclei are produced and amino acids are stored to adapt to the situation caused by strain.

Continuously doing the same exercises will cause your muscles not to suffer enough after a while. Because you have been practicing the same exercise with the same angle for a long time and creating a similar strain on the muscle.

You can break this cycle by changing the exercises, set / difficulty order, and repeat numbers in your training program.

Often just changing the exercises will not provide the change your muscles need.

Restrict cardio exercises

It may sound crazy but it’s true. Your body spends calories and drains valuable energy sources while doing cardio. These released energy sources often affect your exercise performance badly.

All you have to do is to take the cardio exercises to a day without weight training, if possible, if not, to keep it short and apply it after exercise.

You should learn about HIIT and Tabata cardio, which you can do in a short time and burn calories very quickly. With these cardio protocols, you can get more benefits from long and boring cardio exercises.

Fast and natural muscle building: Diet

After the first leg exercise, we came to the diet leg of fast and natural muscle building. Although there are many things to watch out for, I will examine the most important and “must know” topics.

Get essential nutrients

Many bodybuilders focus their attention on protein intake while planning their diet. This movement, which is generally wrong, causes development problems in the long term, but also leads to loss of performance and motivation.

You should keep your protein intake between 1 and 1.5 grams per kilo. This is sufficient to provide the protein necessary for muscle development.

While there are many trainers who recommend 2 and 3 grams of protein intake per kilo, protein intake at this level is unnecessary for almost all athletes.

You should keep your carbohydrate intake between 2 and 5 grams per kilo. This is necessary for the energy needed for the metabolism of your muscles and for the secretion of the insulin needed for the transfer of amino acids in the blood to the cells.

By using your preference for slow digesting carbohydrates, you can prevent unnecessary greasing. You can break this rule after training to meet the sugar your muscles need urgently.

However, you should definitely follow your fat intake. Fats successfully undertake many tasks, from absorption of some of the vitamins contained in nutrients to functioning in the structure of the cell walls.

Testosterone and many hormones you need are synthesized from cholesterol. To provide cholesterol, an oil, to your body, be sure to pay attention to healthy and regular fat intake.

Pay attention to the intake of vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in the structure of many enzymes in the body, while directly affecting the release of many hormones. For this reason, make sure that you take the vitamins and minerals that play a key role in your development.

Vitamins and minerals, the deficiency of which we find most frequently in athletes

Vitamin E,
Vitamin D,
can be listed as. You should pay special attention to the intake of these vitamins and minerals.

You can also review the article called ZMA made at home to learn how to make ZMA, which increases the hormone testosterone, at home.

Get enough fluids

Fluid intake is vital for athletes. In order for cells to survive and organ-tissue compatibility can continue, you must replace the fluid you lost quickly and completely.

In addition, correct fluid intake makes your muscles look fuller, while enabling them to perform their feeding / excretion processes more quickly and effectively.

You can learn the symptoms of fluid loss and how much fluid people should drink from the article called fluid loss (dehydration).

Fast and natural muscle building: Life

You organized your exercise and diet program. But there is still a very important point to change. Life style!

Make sure you get enough sleep

During sleep, the body initiates restructuring processes and tries to recover quickly. For this reason, many professional athletes pay much attention to the sleep pattern.

The most important points about sleep

Be in bed before 11.30 at night. This not only increases the release of growth hormone, which positively affects muscle development, but also reduces the level of cortisol hormone that provides muscle breakdown and fat storage.

Get at least 7 hours of sleep at night. Night sleep is less than enough for your body to recover completely. This is very important both for your activity during the day and for your development.

Do not sleep excessively. Full sleep causes most of the blood in your body to accumulate in the stomach. The blood collected in the stomach during digestion disables an important amount that the body should send to the organs during restructuring.

In addition, research shows that people who sleep late and sleep less are more fat and more susceptible to diseases.

To get detailed information about sleep, you can check out my article about everything about sleep.

Be motivated, stay motivated

Exercise and diet may become monotonous after a while. The only thing you have to do to continue this pace is to motivate yourself.

To motivate, try the following:

Set a goal for yourself and reward yourself for every goal you achieve.

Take note of your exercise and diet. Review your progress monthly.
Share your progress.

Make exercise and diet enjoyable. You can reinforce this by doing small competitions.

Do not forget to share your ideas with me!

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