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Can muscles transform into fats or fats into muscles ?

Monday, September 6, 2021

In this article, does fat turn into a safe? and muscle turn to fat? We searched the answer to the question.

Does muscle, which is one of the sports legends we frequently encounter, turn into fat? or vice versa? Wondering the answer to the question?

Muscles and fats originate from two distinct cell types with different functions. The transformation of these cells with different origins is as impossible as brain tissue into stomach tissue. However, under favorable conditions, a feeling can be obtained that the muscles are converted to fat or that the fat is transformed into the muscle. Let’s look at the mechanisms that make you feel this.

Your muscles tend to grow as you exercise. This growth is not due to the increase in the number of cells contained in the muscles; increase the volume of cells present and the amount of intracellular organelle (auxiliary element).

What happens when you stop exercising

Muscle cells are one of the most caloric cell types in your body. Even if you do not exercise, your muscles spend 13 calories per kilogram per day. When you stop exercising, your muscles lose weight and start to spend less calories.

If you continue to get more calories than you need, instead of shrinking muscles, fat cells cover the gap. Thus, your shrinking muscles and increased fat volume can make you feel your muscles turn into fat.

Keep these suggestions in mind if you are going to stop exercising

*You will spend more calories during exercise. When you stop exercising, keep in mind your calorie needs and adjust your diet.
*Muscle atrophy (shrinking) that occurs when you stop exercising causes your body to spend less calories. Consider this and pay attention to your diet.
*You don’t need gyms or hours to exercise. You can train in 4 minutes. You can continue doing sports with home training programs.

What happens when you start exercising

We need more power during exercise. The body’s adaptation mechanism tries to increase the volume of stimulated muscle cells to produce more power. Increased muscle volume and increased calorie burning causes fat reduction. In this way, decreasing muscle cells are replaced by increased muscle cells. This may give the impression that external oils are transformed into casing.

Keep these suggestions in mind if you are going to start exercising

*Pay attention to your diet with exercise. So you can decrease your fat mass while increasing your muscle mass.
*Prefer compound movements that consume more calories rather than isolated movements. So you can increase your secretion of growth hormone and testosterone.

Extra information

Striated muscles are 2 types (you can control the movement). Slow and fast contractions. The slow-twitched striated muscles are not strong, but are very durable. Fast-contracting muscle fibers, on the other hand, are less resistant and stronger than slow-contracting muscles.

On average, 42% of an adult man’s body is muscle, but 36% of women’s body is muscle.

Note: The layers in which muscle and adipose tissue are located in the body are different. The fact that the decreased adipose tissue contained in the article is replaced by muscle tissue or vice versa; is meant to be felt that the volume cavity formed by the reduction in tissues is filled by muscle mass or fat tissue.

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