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15 Minute Abdominal Training

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

With the 15-minute abdominal training we have prepared for you, you can have a firmer abdomen and distinct abdominal muscles.

Abdominal Training

Abdominal exercises

Warm-up: Warm up with the Bear Crawls movement, which is repeated in 2 sets of 1 minute.

We start training with V-Ups movement which will be applied in 3 sets in 1 minute.

Forearm Plank Holds exercise in 3 sets of 1 minute, we continue to exercise your entire abdomen.

Add excitement to your training again with Plank jumps in 2 sets in 1 minute.

You will target the Side Plank movement, where you will make 2 sets of 1 minute for each side.

and finally you will finish your abdominal workout by performing the Bicycle Situps exercise for 1 minute.

Perform this training one day a week or two times a week by dividing it into two.

With the 15-minute Training, you will strengthen your abdominal area, accelerate the growth of your muscles and have a very effective cardio training.

Don’t forget to share your training experiences with us through comments.

You can learn how to do exercises with a simple google search for now. In the future we will add exercises that show how these movements are performed.

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