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Heart Rate for Effective Fat Burning

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

We have studied for you how to calculate the heart rate you need to achieve while exercising.

Heart rate refers to the number of heart beats per unit time. This rate is expressed in bpm (beat per minute). Heart rate; body needs, the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, physical and mental activity and so on. in such cases.

Basal Heart Rate

Basal heart rate (HRrest); In a quiet, body-warm environment, the person is measured while awake and resting. A normal human’s pulse rate is between 60-80 bpm. This value may fall between 33 and 50 bpm for elite athletes.

Maximum heart rate

The maximum number of heartbeats you can achieve with exercise, depending on age, is expressed as the maximum pulse rate (HRmax). We can find the MHR with the help of Haskell and Fox formula (MHR = 220- (age)). (suitable for personal use, but the relationship between age and maximum pulse rate is expressed as very poor.)

Having explained all this, we can now calculate the pulse rate required for effective and rapid fat burning.

For healthy people, the Target pulse rate (TargetHeartRate) is calculated by the Karvonen method. (You can simply use the formula MHR x (65-85%).)

In the formula expressed as THR = ((HRmax – HRrest) ×% exercise intensity) + HRrest, you should keep the exercise intensity between 65-85% according to your performance.

Now we know the target pulse rate you need to achieve in exercise. Is this gonna work?

Of course!

Sports in the target pulse rate range (at least 15 minutes) will reduce your insulin resistance, regulate your blood pressure, and change your blood lipid profile positively. For the continuation of these effects, experts recommend exercising every other day.

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