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Industrial Type Chicken Food Harmful?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Antibiotics, hormones and components used in chickens are much wondered. Are the claims and effects real?

For many athletes who take care of protein intake, chicken meat is a great source. The price was reasonable, easy available and delicious. Along with these advantages, there is a common issue in people’s minds. I have many questions about the subject, but now I have to satisfy the curiosity of my followers.

The topic is the effect of antibiotics, hormones and other components on human health in chickens.

Is it harmful to eat chicken in this article? question, the effects of these components on the human body and health will address many questions, I will answer the questions.

Industrial chicken: How does it grow?

In fact, the first thing I need to mention is how the “mass production” chickens you see in the market are grown. Because it is impossible to comment without knowing how it was raised.

First of all, companies buy chicks. Chicks often have a genetic structure formed by crossing fast-growing breeds for better growth. These chicks are stuffed into big, stuffy and narrow fattening places. If it is fed for fattening (ie meat), it is essential for the chicken to grow as fast as possible. For this reason, it is necessary to fill the whole capacity with chickens and leave no room for the animals to move.

Feeding of chickens is regulated in this period. No food in the natural diet of chickens such as grass or insects can enter these fattening sites. Only specially prepared abundant calorie foods are offered to the chickens for consumption.

Then the use of antibiotics comes into play. Producers who do not want so many animals to be sick at the same time see that chickens grow faster after starting antibiotic use and the habit of using antibiotics to chickens is further reinforced.

Antibiotic use in chickens

Yes, chickens are using antibiotics. This is not actually caused by infectious diseases. For infectious diseases, even minimal antibiotic use will suffice. But if you want to raise your chickens early, you must destroy their intestinal flora.

As in humans, damage to the intestinal flora in chickens causes them to gain weight and develop rapidly. It is enough to disrupt the hormonal system by giving them intensive antibiotics to create this condition.

About 80% of the antibiotics used in the world are given to animals.

Chickens grow so fast that the skeletal system often fails to adapt to this growth and bone fractures occur. As a result, these beautiful animals with a life of 10-15 years are slaughtered at about two months old and come to your table.

I’m not going to talk about how the hens suffered savagery here. But they’re making them hell on earth.

In summary, industrial poultry. How does this affect your health?

Chicken consumption and its effect on health

In spite of all these bad conditions, chickens do not have a sudden effect on your health. So when you consume chicken you do not encounter results. When that happens, people ignore the damages.

But the long-term effects are not so underestimated.

If I list the effects for reasons, the worst ones are as follows:


The antibiotic used in chickens shows both the resistance of bacteria and the effects of antibiotics passing on the human body damaging beneficial bacteria. This will harm not only the beneficial bacteria but also your hormonal order.

We are now used to seeing girls entering puberty at a young age. You know a part of the cause now.


Hormones are quite expensive for use on hens. Therefore, hormones are not currently used (fortunately).


Arsenic, which is a very toxic substance for the human body, can cause many problems from neurological diseases to cancer. In addition, being a heavy metal means that it cannot be thrown away and accumulates continuously in your body.

As a result, it is a fact that so many bad components will harm your body. So how are we protected?

Is it harmful to eat chicken? How will we be protected?

The effects I mentioned above are real. In fact, this simply shows us that consuming chicken can be harmful. Look, I’m just talking about the possibility. Because there is no proven effect. But health is not cheap enough to be built on the possibilities and you should evaluate every risk.

Industrial poultry with fast food has become almost sister. The reason for this is an industry that provides cheap meat and a sector that sells it to people in a relatively delicious state. So if you’re afraid of ready chicken, fast food is not for you.

Things are getting worse, especially if risks are so big and overt.

But there’s a big problem. Resources for quality protein consumption are very limited and many people (especially athletes) need to consume chicken. Red meat prices are very expensive in our country and not everyone can buy meat. In this case, white meat becomes the only solution.

White meat consumption without any damage depends on a few tricks. I have listed below what I have done to find natural and quality chicken meat.

I’m not buying industrial chickens. There is a village market in every city. The chickens found in the village markets are often produced by farmers and not treated. Better yet, see the chicken alive and have a fresh cut.

Less processed turkey may be preferred for white meat. Most often the turkey growth process is longer and unprofitable. Therefore, it is not suitable for industrial production and large companies are not involved.

I’m picking up a little chicken. In general, mass production companies do not cut chickens until they reach full size. Small chickens are therefore less likely to be treated.

In fact, by spending some time almost impossible to find natural or near natural chicken all over Turkey. If you do not have the opportunity to meet the essential amino acids from other types of meat, you need to try to meet the remaining protein needs from cereals and vegetables.

As a result, consumption of chicken – especially if it is a mass production chicken – can be harmful. Yeah, I know you know that very well. But I write again with the motivation to remind again and confirm this event. It is in your hands to make the right choice and to choose chickens grown in healthy environments with some effort.

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