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How to Jump Squat Exercise?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Body Areas

Buttocks, Back Leg, Abdomen, Abdomen

Calories Burned in 1 Minute

6 – 8 Calories (Normal BMI)

Available BMI Ranges

Low BMI, Normal BMI, High BMI

Jump Squat Exercise

Jump squat exercise body weight with this kind of movements require serious infrastructure. In this movement, the detail is activated and strengthened in your muscles.

It generally works your body and quickly tightens all areas. Thanks to the functionality of jump squat movement using body weight, it puts an extra burden on our body weight.

Before that, we should be doing standard squats without any problems using our own body weight. Otherwise, you may risk injury.

This exercise is suitable for athletes with low BMI, normal BMI, high BMI. In addition, Jump Squat training is not suitable for athletes aged 65 and over.

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