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How to Club Jumping Jack Exercise?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Body Areas

Whole body

Calories Burned in 1 Minute

4-6 Calories (Normal BMI)

Available BMI Ranges

Low BMI, Normal BMI, High BMI

How is it done?

This movement, which runs your whole body at the same time, is quite effective. If applied regularly, you can see amazing changes in your body in a short time.

If you practice club jumping jack regularly, you will not be able to believe how much your fitness is turned up in as little as 2 weeks.

Include such movements in your training with your body weight. Increases your pulse in a short time and you have the effect of HIIT. It allows you to spend your limited time with your HIIT card. You should keep your whole body in balance, in sync and in harmony.

Such functional movements activate all your muscles and eliminate your muscle inequality. Strengthens your weak areas without making you feel.

This exercise is suitable for athletes with low BMI, normal BMI, high BMI. Club Jumping Jack is not suitable for athletes aged 65 or older.

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