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Walk around the barefoot in the soil

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Long-standing comments and questions were about walking (grounding) bare feet. When I did research on the subject, I came across a lot of wrong information.

The news sites – bless them – have officially declared walking barefoot as a formula for immortality. I’ve even seen a person working on this topic (that is, teaching me to walk barefoot).

The situation is out of control. Then it’s time to tell the truth.

In this article, I will examine the mechanism of grounding and examine the real benefits of walking barefoot and false claims.

What is grounding?

Grounding is based on very simple logic. First, it is necessary to address the origin of logic, ie free oxygen radicals.

Free oxygen radicals are products that occur in your body (due to normal processes or harmful ingredients). These products show harmful properties on cell structures.

Thus, in many mechanisms from aging to chronic diseases, free oxygen radicals are involved.

Grounding is based on the logic of neutralizing and neutralizing these radicals that occur in your body. At the end of the article on logic, I will talk about my doubts.

Now let’s continue and examine the benefits of grounding together.

Benefits of grounding: Why walk on earth with bare feet?

Grounding is an action that can be particularly beneficial to individuals who have adapted to city life. Let me tell you about the benefits of grounding.

Relieves muscle pain and retention. Especially stress-induced individuals can relax on foot in the soil.

Walking in the soil helps you in the process of coping with chronic stress in many different ways. For other stress control related issues, see my stress symptoms and treatment.

In addition, grounding can help you relieve muscle pain after intensive training. Because grounding helps accelerate blood flow.

Relieves insomnia. Walking in the soil (especially in nature) helps you get more oxygen and relax. This will allow you to sleep earlier in the night.

Reduces chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is now more common.

Individuals who work indoors and who are under intense stress, poor nutrition are more tired.

Walking in the soil helps relieve chronic fatigue. When I was working in the emergency room, I often tried to walk in the soil after the seizure. Really great experience, highly recommend!

Can be used to treat pain. In particular, intense pain can occur due to inflammation and excessive stress. Grounding provides both relief and relief.

I recommend walking to the soil with bare feet 2-3 days a week especially for fibromyalgia patients.

I want to give you an example. Our participant is a 44-year-old woman suffering from chronic back pain. The image on the left is a thermal photo taken when taking back pain (red areas are hot, blue areas are cold).

Note how the blood flow is concentrated in the middle region.

As a result of sleeping in the soil for only four nights, the female participant reports a 30% reduction in pain. The photo on the right confirms this data. Pay attention to how the blood accumulates on his back.

Accelerates blood flow. Especially slow blood flow means less oxygen in tissues and more accumulation of harmful residues.

Grounding can accelerate blood flow, even if we are not sure about the mechanism.

In addition, walking bare feet corrects the center of gravity and posture of your body. So even if you have no expectations about grounding, you should try walking bare feet.

So far the article is going great. But I’ve got news to taste.

Grounding is not as miraculous as you think! Unfortunately, resources on the Internet do not say so. Because most of the articles in Turkish are prepared in the form of copy / paste, and what I see is nothing but ┼čar medical charlatanism!!

Does not prevent cancer.
Does not correct snoring.
and does not cure diabetes. I’ve even seen people claiming that grounding helps to lose weight.

Therefore, it is very important that you have the right expectations for grounding.

I have my doubts about grounding. Let me explain.

Grounding mechanism: How accurate?

It’s a terrible thing that people have less contact with the soil today. But it’s not necessary to live. Therefore, there is no reason to overdo it.

I also think that grounding does not neutralize free oxygen radicals as mentioned. I’m going to tell you a little theory.

Theory: We have defensive cells called macrophages that digest harmful cells and substances in your body. These cells neutralize harmful components by producing free oxygen radicals.

If earthing could neutralize free oxygen radicals so effectively, the immune system of our ancestors who wandered without shoes until recently could not function sufficiently.

That is why I think that grounding does not directly neutralize all of the free oxygen radicals.

Of course, this theory is quite simple and refutable. But I think you understand very well what I want to talk about.

In addition, research on grounding is still in its infancy.

But grounding is still a pleasant and sensible action. I want to tell you how to do earthing.

How is grounding done?

We already have a very simple natural path. Take your shoes off and walk on the dirt ground.

But unfortunately not everyone is so lucky. Because if you have a typical white collar lifestyle, it’s hard to find time and environment to go out and set your feet on the ground.

My only suggestion here is that you should not leave any “grounding” equipment sold. Because these products are completely fiasco and money trap.

If you are at home and want to ground, the best way is to take a shower (this regulates the electrical balance of your body) and then sit on the floor (wood and tiles, preferably brick) when it is dried and slightly damp. Half-hour sessions will be sufficient for 2-3 days a week.

If you cannot sit on the floor, leaning against the wall with a thin outfit or athlete (if possible an unpainted wall – especially the balcony is the best place) will have a similar effect.

Soils that you cannot ground;
Wood or parquet,
and plastic.

All about earthing: Summary

Grounding is an activity that will ensure the breathing of the people living in the city life, which is quite effective when used correctly.

Chronic fatigue,
Chronic pain,
Intense stress,
living individuals at least once in their life should try to ground. All you have to do is walk out bare feet if possible or lie down with a thin outfit (arms, shoulder or belly).

By earthing, to the days when you are friends with the earth! I also wonder about your experiences. Don’t forget to share it with me.

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