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Ideal Sleep Time: How Much Should We Sleep?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Ideal sleep time is a long-awaited issue by people who are trying to live healthy. Therefore, in my article, “how much should we sleep?” I answered the question.

You understand the importance of sleep. After looking at this issue, an important question comes to mind; Ideal sleep time!

Because of the sleep quality, the sleep time is quite important.

In this text; ideal sleep time different age groups and living conditions “how much should we sleep?” To the answer to the question of many issues, I will answer questions.

Here we go!

Ideal sleep time

Modern life makes people need more time. Sometimes more work, sometimes more sleep to stay awake now became normal.

When this is the case, I know that you don’t want to learn the ideal sleep time and lose a lot of time sleeping.

I present you the values below the average ideal sleep time as a table.

Age Group Ideal sleep time
0-3 Months, 14-17 Hours per Day
4-11 Months, 12-15 Hours per Day
1-2 Years, 11-14 Hours per Day
3-5 Years, 10-13 Hours per Day
6-13 Years, 9-11 Hours per Day
14-17 Years, 8-10 Hours per Day
18-64 Years, 7-9 Hours per Day
65+ Years, 7-8 Hours per Day

Here you review the values in the table. Is that all? I hear you say. But no, there are many exceptions.

Let’s find the right sleep time with exceptions.

How long should I sleep?

We have a big question with ideal sleep times. How long should I sleep?

To answer the question, we must be able to modify and personalize the data we have. At this point, we need to examine the factors that change the need for sleep.

Factors that change the need for sleep,

Serious illness,
Exercise and diet,
Diseases that reduce sleep quality,
can be sorted as.

Pregnancy is a factor that increases the need for sleep. I would like to take an extra hour of sleep during the last three months of pregnancy.

Serious illnesses require extra sleep for the continuation of the structuring process. I recommend an additional two-hour night’s sleep to people during the episode of chronic illness.

Increased physical activity in exercising people may increase the need for sleep in the long term. I recommend one hour of day sleep, especially for athletes who are dieting with exercise.

Diseases that reduce sleep quality cause you not to listen enough even if you have adequate sleep time. Reinforcement sleep time is related to the severity and category of the disease. The solution is not to increase sleep time, but to provide permanent treatment.

How long should I sleep with these? It is still not possible to give the answer to the question clearly. In some individuals, the need for sleep can be seen as increased even if everything is normal.

For this reason, you do not need to force yourself unnecessarily to reduce sleep time. It is enough to improve sleep quality.

Your sleep time will decrease as your sleep quality increases.

As a result

The need for sleep depends on the individual’s lifestyle, genetics and many different factors. Therefore, it is not possible to determine the correct time with sharp limits.

But for many people, the ideal sleep time should be well examined and it would be quite right to try to achieve the ideal sleep time by increasing sleep quality.

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