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I Want to Lose Weight

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

There are many things you need to pay attention to to lose weight. Let’s examine the important issues for those who want to lose weight.

Lose weight, shrivel, slim down, and more nice words. Expressions expressing your purpose. It’s a tough road that’s not as easy as a mouth. And the data that helps you on this path.

Previously you have entered into useless detox programs to lose weight, you may have applied the diet of unclear so-called “experts” or found your own system. But nothing will be the same anymore.

How to lose weight through the eyes of a medical doctor? Do you want to answer the question?

Here we go!

Find the right diet

There are many ideas you will come across. That’s a lot of ideas. I understand how unstable you are in such an environment. What you need to overcome this instability is to learn how to feed in a systematic way.

I want you to look at the calculators page before going on to nutrition. In this article you will find many tools you need (ideal weight, daily calorie needs, such as macro food calculator) can be found through this page.

It is also very important to determine your weight loss rate. “So how much should I lose in a month?” my article will be suitable for the start phase.

Let me take the first step to learn how to feed correctly and list what should be the right diet.

First of all, the most important thing that should be the right diet is to be sustainable. Many researches show that many systems that are focused on weight loss daily, weekly and monthly are not successful. The only reason for this is that people leave this way of eating after the time period is over.

As a result, many things that are cited as a nutrition program are actually no different from the torture program.

If a sustainable system is understood, the second thing you should pay attention to is that the program is healthy. If a nutritional program promises to consume everything you want, or just eat your favorite foods and ensure you stay healthy, you are probably in a big game. Because some foods are definitely not healthy. For this reason, you do not consume certain foods and you need a properly structured program.

If you have seen a nutritional program that includes these two features, you need to consider it seriously. If not, let me help; because you don’t need to search, I have a few suggestions.

Which foods should I consume?

The first thing that comes to your mind in the weight loss process is probably the question of what foods should be consumed. The answer is simple, the carbohydrate is very low, the protein is moderate and the fat is very consuming.

In many studies low-carbohydrate high fat consumption;

  • It affects blood fat levels positively,
  • Accelerates weight gain,
  • It makes you feel less hungry,
  • He showed that he broke insulin resistance.

About this topic “low carb vs low fat: which one should you choose?” You can find a detailed description in the article. I strongly recommend that you read this article and return to this page again.

If you have sugar addiction, you may experience serious difficulties in the weight loss process. You have a problem like this, you can check my articles about “the damages of sugar addiction” and “ways to reduce sugar dependence“.

If you are going to use the vegan / vegetarian diet, be sure to review the “vegetarian nutrition guide“.

I need the program!

You understand how healthy it is to consume high fat and low carbohydrates with a previous spell. I can see that your question “how do I do it?”

There are three different nutritional func- tions that I have created for this purpose.

I want to make a reminder before we go into this mantra. What you eat is very important. Because eating fast increases the risk of obesity, insulin resistance develops. I’ve written a long article about this. I would recommend. Is eating fast food really harmful?

Ketogenic diet

Low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet in more rigid molds. I have an explanatory article about this system which is used by many physicians to treat many diseases.

Excess protein intake in ketogenic diet is not recommended. To find out why is “excessive protein intake harmful?” You can read my article.

I’m waiting for you to read the “ketogenic diet guide” and return to this article. Also to make the right selection of fat in the ketogenic diet “Which are the most healthy fats?” You can read my article.

If the ketogenic diet offers a difficult experience for you, I would advise you to make a lower carbohydrate diet with similar benefits.

Paleo diet

The repetition of the diet of our ancestors, the paleo diet, is a really healthy and good alternative. That’s what I’ve got in my review. It is also another good feature of the paleo diet that low carbohydrates contain high fat.

Read the “paleo dieting guide” and return to this article at the speed of light. I’m waiting!

Don’t forget to read the “organic product guide” if you are taking care to select nutrients organically.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting. A system that does not interfere with what you consume, and when you consume it. For this reason, this diet should be combined with low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet for 6 to 8 hours daily, 16 to 18 hours fasting you need to stay hungry.

I explained how to do intermittent fasting in the “intermittent fasting guide”. Take a look. Of course I’ll ask you to come back here again.

None of the healthy diets will help you lose weight fast. Because losing weight fast is not possible if you consider the definition of ediy weight loss Zira as losing fat.

For detailed information on this topic, “Is it possible to lose weight fast?” You can read my article.

If you want to support your diet without using fat burners, stop yourself for a moment and read my article “Weight loss guide with fat burners“.

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