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How Does Cesarean Birth Affect Baby Health?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Many families ask questions about the subject and it is very important to evaluate it.

Of course, I’m not just evaluating it. I have suggestions for alternative solutions. They can protect your baby from the harm and potential problems of cesarean birth.

I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer.

Cesarean birth section and possible problems

cesarean birth section is sometimes a medical necessity. Recently, however, caesarean section is preferred more than medical necessity due to the desire, fear and other situations of pregnant women.

Is the frequently performed cesarean section really bad?

I am not talking about problems that will occur during cesarean delivery. I do not mention the necessity of having a caesarean section once after a caesarean section.

Your position in this article is your baby’s health!

cesarean birth section presents several possible problems for your baby. Let’s start looking.

Increases the risk of obesity

The most important feature of vaginal birth is that the baby is exposed to some important and beneficial bacteria in the mother’s birth canal during birth.

This ensures that the correct bacterial composition occurs in the child’s intestines at an early stage. Otherwise, as we have seen in adult individuals, the risk of obesity caused by bad intestinal flora increases.

Studies show that cesarean delivery can cause obesity in childhood and adulthood.

In other words, it is very important for healthy and normal-weighted mothers to come into contact with vaginal birth to protect their children from the risk of obesity.

There’s an important point here. She’s a mother with a bad bowel flora.

If a mother has a bad intestinal flora, caesarean section protects the child from bad bacterial flora. Therefore, the situations I explained above only apply to healthy and normal weight mothers.

Increases risk of immune system related diseases

Your immune system is very complex. The functions performed by this structure are in a very wide range.

Here we have two main focuses on the relationship between cesarean section and immune system. The first is autoimmune diseases. Simply, autoimmune diseases mean that the immune system attacks its own body cells.

The second issue is allergic problems. The mechanism is again related to the immune system. It is called an allergy when your body overreacts to allergens such as dust and pollen that are around you and your body should not normally react.

So what’s the reason?

It’s hard to say anything clear. But we’re guessing it’s intestinal flora again. Let me explain.

Your intestines are one of the main centers where the immune system is trained. Because many allergens and harmful microorganisms are introduced to the immune system in the intestines. In this way, your immune system reacts to the right things, does not attack your own body cells.

Research shows that babies with caesarean section have a higher risk of autoimmune disease (such as type-1 diabetes) than normal infants, and may have poor allergic reactions (such as asthma and allergic rhinitis).

In addition, the baby’s access to milk will be delayed after caesarean section and the milk yield will probably decrease. This means that babies stay away from their most important needs.

In addition, even if the child can get milk, bad intestinal flora will have difficulty in digestion and gas, bloating conditions will be seen more frequently.

In other words, caesarean section does not only cause flora related problems.

Reduce the problems of cesarean birth section

As you can see in the rest of the article, cesarean delivery can be a problem at many points related to the bad intestinal flora in the baby.

Many different methods have been considered recently to prevent this situation. The most logical method is to transfer the bacterial culture from the mother’s vagina to the baby after birth. Just like vaginal birth.

So how?

The method used in a research on this subject makes sense.

One hour before scheduled cesarean section, sterile tampon moistened with sterile water is inserted into the mother’s vagina. Then, immediately after the baby is born, the tampon is pulled and applied to the baby’s face and cheeks and then to the genital organ and anal area.

This procedure is a very simple and feasible method for the baby to meet the mother flora as early as vaginal delivery.

Here are a few important points. These are listed as follows.

Your mother should have a healthy vaginal flora. For this, the obstetrician should be informed and the necessary examinations should be made before birth. The most important points are the examination of the mother for bacterial vaginosis, the vaginal ph is less than 4,5 and the evaluation of other infectious diseases.

Of course we don’t want to take the bad flora. Therefore, the health status of the mother should be examined well and this method should not be applied in the presence of bad flora.

Should I have a cesarean birth section?

The answers to some questions change people’s lives. That’s one of them. Because a mistake made threatens your baby and your life.

Hence the decision of cesarean section of your physician. If you really have a caesarean section, please do not insist on normal delivery. You can try to protect your baby as much as possible with methods such as vaginal tampon.

If there is no requirement to deliver by caesarean section, please listen to your doctor again and be in favor of normal birth. This is often a more accurate and natural method for your baby and you.

My duty here is to give you information as a physician. Therefore, it is best to trust your physician who follows you and to entrust your health.

You now have tips on cesarean delivery and infant health. Don’t forget to share your mind with me through comments!

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