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Prenatal Preparation Classes

Monday, September 13, 2021

 Prenatal preparation classes will give you confidence during the birth process and birth, whether it is your first birth experience or you are familiar with the delivery room.

You've probably read many books about childbirth and heard countless birth stories from friends and loved ones. Well, do you really know what awaits you during the birth process and birth? Birth preparation classes can enlighten you about the process.

Why Should I Attend Prenatal Preparation Classes?

Whether you're giving birth to your first or fifth child, birth preparation classes can help you identify the challenges of the birth process and the moment of birth. Evaluate the possibilities:

Find out what you don't know about the birth process, moment of birth and maternity care. You will understand the signs of birth and what will happen to your body as your baby moves into the outside world.

Talk about your fears. In prenatal preparation classes, you will have the opportunity to talk about your fears with other women who have the same concerns as you. Your instructor can dispel the spooky rumors and put your mind at ease.

Connect with your partner or birth coach. Antenatal preparation classes also allow your partner or birth coach to understand birth and how they can assist you in the birth process.

Discuss alternatives for controlling labor pain. You will be able to apply different techniques (such as breathing techniques, relaxation and rejuvenation) to deal with contractions. Many lectures also cover the pros and cons of common treatment modalities such as narcotic analgesics and epidural blocks.

Learn the basics of medical intervention and possible complications. Find out how routine interventions can affect the course of labor.

Check the facility. You can visit the hospital where you will give birth, learn what kind of policy the hospital follows and what opportunities it has.

Refresh your newborn care knowledge. In addition to the birth process and time of birth, you will likely be given basic information about newborns. It covers general issues of choosing a pediatrician, breastfeeding, changing the baby's diaper and baby bathing.

Build a social network. Meet other pregnant women and listen to their experiences.

Are There Different Types of Prenatal Preparation Classes?

Some prenatal preparation classes may include certain types of birth such as cesarean section, vaginal delivery after cesarean section and multiple births. For families who want to simply review the basics, supplementary lessons are even available in some municipalities. Other lessons focus on a particular method of delivery. E.g:

Lamaze method. The main purpose of the Lamaze method is to increase your confidence in your ability to give birth. Classes will help you understand how to cope with pain in ways that include focus on breathing, movement and massage, and increase your comfort and ease the birthing process.

Bradley method. The Bradley method emphasizes that birth is a natural process. You are taught deep breathing and being able to control the birth process with the support of your partner or birthing coach.

Many other lessons use the basic elements of these popular methods. In addition, you can find classes for other childbirth approaches, such as hypnotic childbirth.

What's the Best Way to Find a Birth Course?

Prenatal preparation courses are offered by many hospitals and birth centers. Some lessons are available online or in video format. You can also ask your doctor for a suitable class. If you have family members who have recently had a baby, you can also talk to them.

What Should I Pay Attention To In The Birth Course?

Make sure classes are taught by an instructor who is certified to teach postpartum. Classes should be small – no more than 8 to 10 couples – to facilitate discussion and allow for personalized instruction. Be sure to also ask about the price, training location, and training schedule.

When Should I Attend Classes?

Prenatal preparation courses are generally recommended to be taken when approaching the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy, but it will be beneficial to attend the courses at any time before the birth. Generally, a series of courses is offered during the last trimester (three months). The earlier you register, the more options you will have regarding dates and times.

What Is My Doctor's Role?

Your doctor is there to make sure you and your baby are healthy during pregnancy and delivery. Use the information you learned in prenatal preparation classes with the help of your doctor to create a birth plan. No one can predict how the birth process and the moment of birth will develop, but you can create a birth plan with your doctor to meet your expectations during the birth process, moment of birth and postpartum care, and this will ensure that your baby and you receive the best care.

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