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Yoga in all aspects (For beginners)

Monday, September 6, 2021

Yoga is one of the popular activities of recent times and many people are looking for a way to start yoga. So would you like to access accurate information about yoga? What is yoga in this article? I will touch on many issues from the question to the benefits of yoga and answer the questions.

What is yoga?

The word yoga comes from the root “yeug”, an ancient Hindi term for union or participation. The origin of the word actually gives us information about the history of yoga as well as many things because yoga is an Indian body-brain exercise style that we can trace back 1000 years.

In the early 1900s, yoga was brought to America and later to Europe, and has taken its current form. Yoga, which includes many different techniques and disciplines in its application, therefore appeals to many different people and areas.

Yoga is a principle focused on postures (asana) and breath (pranayama) and is built on these two pillars.

Benefits of yoga

I talked about the history of yoga and its very old practice. But have you ever thought about how yoga has survived this long?

Improving balance and flexibility

One of the problems that can cause death in old age is falling. Because advancing age disrupts the balance mechanism for many different reasons. That’s why you always need balance, whether you are a young person ready to age or older. If you don’t maintain your balance and flexibility when you’re young, it will be much more difficult to gain these qualities in old age than it normally would. You need flexibility to keep moving the same and maintain a healthy posture.

When I gather this data, it turns out that yoga will be a great exercise option with the postures it contains. Because most of these postures are designed to improve the sense of balance and increase the flexibility of your muscles incredibly.

Doing yoga seriously relieves joint and muscle pain caused by poor posture. Because yoga gathers, tightens and straightens your muscles that are used to sitting or standing in the wrong position. For this reason, I persistently recommend yoga to my patients who work at desk jobs and suffer from chronic neck / back pain.

Reducing stress and anxiety

It includes yoga meditation techniques and breathing exercises known to reduce stress. I especially recommend my patients with chronic depression and anxiety to practice yoga.

Sleep problems are one of the causes of stress. The reason I also mention this is that yoga done at night has a positive effect on sleep quality. If you wake up from sleep for no reason, have frequent nightmares and are constantly struggling with bad thoughts before going to bed, a little yoga session can help you to motivate yourself and relax your body before going to bed.

The benefits of yoga are of course not that much. Other benefits in short,

Stamina and strength increase,
Increasing blood and lymph drainage (indirectly reducing edema),
Better focus power,
Decrease in uncontrolled actions (such as excessive eating, excessive alcohol consumption),
can be listed as.

Many people see yoga as a type of exercise with no risk of injury, as it does not involve excessive movement and does not use weight, but you should not be fooled by this mistake. Because yoga includes some postures that pose a risk of injury.

For this reason, you should prepare yourself for that posture, warm up and use the right technique before practicing yoga. Otherwise, you may be injured.


Yoga is an exercise style that will make you have a very pleasant experience and appeal to you physically and mentally. For this reason, it has the potential to make a difference in many people’s lives.

What you have to do is find the type of yoga that suits you and start. In addition, combining yoga sessions with other exercises and proper nutrition will make you feel the benefits of yoga better.

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