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Is it possible to lose weight just by exercising?

Monday, September 6, 2021

Exercising is very important for a healthy life and weight control. Well if we approach the subject from a different angle. And “can you lose weight just by exercising?” we ask. What would the answer be?

In this article, based on the research, we will learn whether it is possible to lose weight only with sports without dieting.

Exercise and orientation

Our body somehow managed to survive in the history of humanity known for nearly 3000 years. For this reason, our body is very successful in calorie use and management during intense physical activity. The body, which is in intense activity, often organizes this situation by reducing energy consumption and allows us to survive.

Let’s give an example from a review. In this review, Tanzania and European countries are compared.

In Tanzania, industrialization and use of machinery in rural areas is very low. People have to produce in order to survive. They have to work very hard to produce. The reason for this is that they do not have tools and machines. Therefore, they do all the work manually.

European countries, on the other hand, are almost completely industrialized and daily life is completely automated. Therefore, many individuals do not have any physical activity other than basic daily activities.

So how many calories do individuals in these two countries spend?

The result we expect in the comparison is that individuals living in Tanzania have consumed many times more calories. But individuals living in Tanzania spend only a few hundred more calories than those in European countries who live completely inactive.

This may surprise you, but actually getting used to the intense pace of activity in order to survive is a vital factor for people in Tanzania.

In another study, they want to find out how much weight women who exercise and those who do not can lose without dietary changes. Researchers are conducting a study with 320 postmenopausal women.

Participants, who are 50-74 years old women who do not have cancer and do not receive hormone therapy, are divided into two groups. While the exercising group received an average of 178 minutes (3 days) of aerobic exercise per week for a year, the non-exercising group continues their daily activities without additional exercise. According to the group exercising at the end of a year, compared to the non-exercising group;

Lost 1.8 kilos more,
Lost 2 pounds of body fat
It has been seen.

The body’s adjustment to the situation is amazing, but true. Research shows that as the amount of exercise increases and the amount of time increases, the amount of calories expended is balanced after a certain level and does not increase.

Exercise and weight loss without diet

Only the body’s orientation mechanism does not affect the weight loss effect of exercising without diet. There are also other factors that affect functioning.

Exercise and calories

Your body needs high amounts of energy on its own to survive. Even if exercise is added on top of that, the amount spent will be very small. For this reason, aiming to burn fat with only exercise will be a very optimistic and unconscious behavior.

You need to know that running for an hour burns calories that can be taken with the calories of a piece of bread. You should adjust your psychology accordingly.

As a result: although exercise can provide you with significant benefits in the weight loss process, exercise alone is not enough for weight loss and must be combined with proper nutrition. Only in this way can you achieve weight control.

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