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Is it possible to lose regional weight?

Monday, September 6, 2021

Everyone complains of excess weight that creates a bad image. In this article, I will address many issues and answer questions, from weight loss mechanism, regional weight loss research, to the differences between slimming and weight loss.

Regional weight loss mechanism

I will examine the part of the fat burning mechanism that concerns regional slimming and explain to you how impossible regional slimming is. Cells do not necessarily start fat burning. Because adipose tissue is the body’s most important energy store. Strenuous exercise or diet is often required to activate and break down this source.

When the right environment is created, your blood sugar drops and it is determined that the cells still need energy. In this case, fat cells are broken down in the whole body and free fatty acids are produced and given to the circulation. It uses the increased blood fats in the circulation as energy by taking the cells in need.

I draw your attention. Fat is burned throughout the body, even if the energy requirement is in one area. If this were not the case, regions that constantly need energy would gradually become smaller and lose their vitality after a while because they could not meet their energy. I think you know that your body is smart enough not to lose organs or limbs for such a simple reason.

For this reason, you should consider body fat stores as a general use pool. A group of people participated in the study to investigate the effect of exercise on specific areas on the fat content of that area. In the study, participants did one-area-intensive exercise three times a week for twelve weeks.

The reason why researchers are exercising too intense in this way is to make it measurable if there is a difference between an exercise and regional fat loss and two legs.Before and after the research, body weight, bone density, regional fat ratio are measured by radiological methods.At the end of the research, while body weight and bone density do not change, total body fat decreases by 5%.

The strange thing is that while there is no difference in fat mass between the areas that exercise and those who do not exercise, it is determined that the area that loses the most fat is the body. As a result, the exercising region meets its fat need over the whole body, not from its own environment.

In another study, the effect of abdominal exercise on abdominal fat ratio is the subject. For this, a mixed group of people is involved in the study. At the beginning of the research, the participants are divided into two groups that do not do abdominal training and those who do abdominal training. The second group, which performed seven different abdominal movements as two sets of ten repetitions five days a week for six weeks, is compared with the first group.

As a result of the comparison, there was no difference in the measurements of abdominal skin thickness, waist thickness, abdominal fat ratio in both groups. This study shows us that abdominal exercises are completely unnecessary to get rid of belly fat.

Stubborn weights

Many women and athletes believe in regional fat burning myths to burn stubborn fat. The question may sound funny, but there is a lot of research on this topic. These studies offer many different mechanisms for why fats in certain areas are stubborn. I will only mention some of these mechanisms.

First of all, I want you to know that stubborn fats are sexually and genetically controlled. This may be due to catecholamine sensitivity. Because catecholamines, one of the warnings given to burn fat, after being released into the bloodstream, it clings to the receptors of the fat cells and gives the signal to break down. These receptors are rare in regional oils, which are called stubborn.

In addition, since the blood supply of all tissues is not the same, it is possible to see worse fat burning with less blood circulation in some areas. So, can’t you really get rid of stubborn weight with regional fat burning methods?

No way. I explained above that regional fat burning is completely a legend. But some methods can help stubborn regional fat burning (which is difficult for the reasons I explained above) that shrinks less than normal tissues in the accelerated fat burning process. Another helpful method is to show the excess fat area tighter. A tighter look can help you look slim, albeit minimal. This definitely does not confirm the regional fat burning myth.

It is actually a very important method to increase muscle tone. As I mentioned above, tighter muscles can make you look slimmer. Although I recommend fitness exercises in this regard, I will recommend more repetitive exercises based on endurance.

Making local changes is another recommendation that will make a difference, especially with regard to stubborn oils. By local changes, I mean speeding up blood circulation logically. The accelerated blood circulation does not accelerate the fat burning in the target area. It enables the fats in the region to apply the current fat burning signal more easily. The reason why stubborn fat is so “stubborn” is that it cannot give an adequate response to the fat burning signal.

Increasing blood flow

There are two important, effective and simple methods. The first of these is temperature change. You can use the temperature change method by first applying two minutes of cold and then five minutes of hot application. All of the methods called lipolysis are to increase blood flow with local changes.

The second effective method is massage. The correct massage will accelerate the blood flow on the problem area and make the capillaries more active.These 2 methods are not regional slimming methods. The aim is only for the regions where fat burning is difficult; To make it perform the current fat burning response like any other body part.

As a result; The concept of regional weight loss is just a rumor, proven by research. You cannot lose regional weight! If you are complaining about your excess, you can reach the result you want with a good diet and exercise tempo.

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