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Gaining Muscle Mass While Burning Fat

Monday, September 6, 2021

We studied the issue of building muscle while burning fat on scientific basis. Then we examined what you need to do to gain muscle mass while burning fat.

Losing weight and building muscle mass

I think there are two important things you should know about losing weight and gaining muscle mass.

The first point is that you should definitely create a calorie deficit during weight loss. In other words, I want to say that you can create the necessary environment to burn fat by consuming less calories than you need.

The second point is related to the first one. In this regard, I want to state that you need more calories than you need to build muscle mass.

Here we fall into a deadlock.

What we want is to lose weight, we need a negative calorie deficit to lose weight. We also want to build muscle mass, but for this we need a positive calorie deficit.

Fats and proteins are used extensively to produce energy when you eat fewer calories than you need for a weight loss process. So when you try to lose weight, even if everything is perfect, you will lose some muscle.

As a result, it turns out that, with a few exceptions, it is not possible to build muscle mass effectively while losing weight, and if effective muscle mass is desired, effective fat cannot be burned.

But don’t lose your hope immediately, read on.

As I mentioned above, there are a few exceptions that can achieve the goal of building muscle mass and losing weight at the same time.

Individuals who are overweight and have just started doing sports,
Individuals who used to exercise
Individuals using steroids,
can be listed as.

Overweight individuals can lose weight by exercising without leaving a calorie deficit for a while if they eat right when they start sports. We attribute this situation metabolically to the body’s excessive fat storage versus fat burning.

We attribute that the exercise started with the muscle memory of the individuals who used to exercise caused spontaneous and rapid muscle development for a while.

There is nothing I can say about individuals using steroids. Anabolic agents, androgens, growth factors, peptide derivatives, experimental molecules found in underground labs can often lead you to have it by dragging you into a dark, dangerous world and manipulating your metabolism.

What should we do?

So far, I drew a bit of a desperate picture for people who are aiming to lose weight and build muscle. It’s time to speak positively, but think first.

Despite all I have said, will you try to lose weight and increase muscle mass, or will you just choose one and concentrate on it?

I write after the article to give a few important tips for those who want to lose weight and build muscle.

Tips for building muscles while burning fat

Although there are many methods to try and apply in this regard, there are a few issues that you should definitely pay attention to.


Sleep helps both decrease the catabolic (destruction) processes and the formation of hormonal order, which is very important for production.

For this reason, it is important that you sleep both quality and suitable time.

Especially if you are on a low-carb diet, you should sleep for 9 hours and keep the environment where you sleep completely dark. Another point is to pay attention to going to bed around 23.00 at night. The most efficient hours of sleep are between 23.00 and 3.00.

Darkroom provides more secretion of the hormone melatonin, which is very important for you to benefit from sleep.

We also see that sleeping in the dark room increases the level of testosterone in men. Although the mechanism is not clear, the probable responsible is that the hormone melatonin increases the activity of the anti-aromatase enzyme and prevents the conversion of testosterone to the etotogen.


We need a structure that will provide an anabolic (building) environment in exercise preference, as well as provoke fat burning with the afterburn effect.

For this reason, I will recommend you to use compound exercises most of the time. Even if your cardio increases your weight loss rate, it will decrease your weight training performance and quality.

For this reason, although it is recommended not to do cardio, if you are going to do cardio exercise, you can apply the 4-minute training twice a day. I will also recommend that you separate the cardio days from the days when you exercise weights.

To learn about compound exercises, which one should you do: You can read the article called compound vs isolated exercise.

Also, don’t forget to adjust your training intensity. Excessive training intensity causes destruction during periods of low calorie intake. Increased destruction with reduced inter-training time may cause you to not get enough development. Therefore, leave at least 1 to 3 days of rest between your workouts during the diet period.


Perhaps one of the most important feet to increase muscle mass while burning fat is diet. I have explained the most important points you should pay attention to in the diet below.

Get the right amount of protein. How many grams of protein should I consume daily to get information about total protein intake? How many grams of protein should I consume in a meal? You can learn by reading the article.

Eat right after training. In the article you will find that I recommend simple carbohydrate intake after training. Follow this recommendation without overdoing (5 to 10 grams of simple sugar).

Do not take too low calories. Too low calorie intake activates catabolism more and causes cortisol hormone peak. This causes both your inability to lose weight and your existing muscle mass to collapse.

Do not forget to take a break from the diet. Intense training tempo causes you to get tired. In such cases, your body may drag you to disability / performance drops along with overtraining symptoms. Do not forget to take a break from the diet when necessary or at least increase the amount of carbohydrates for a while.

It was a long post. In this article, we explained that the action of losing weight and building muscle at the same time is not an effective way, and we made some important suggestions to those who want to try this way.

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