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Bodybuilding and Body Symmetry

Monday, September 6, 2021

Is your body not symmetrical? There are many things you can do about it and four different tips to watch out for. Get ready to explore symmetry.

Approximately 87% of the people in the world have the ability to use right, 12% left and 1% both hands. We define this feature as “dominant hand” in general.

You are aware that I did this description to address an important problem. The problem is the symmetry problem.

In this article, I will touch upon the causes of the symmetry problem, which is a common problem for bodybuilding and weight exercise, and offer solutions.

Some of the common problems

Size difference between right and left arm,
Level difference between the shoulders
Asymmetry of the legs.

Definition of symmetry and body symmetry

Symmetry can generally be defined as self-similarity or proportion of an object compared to the other side. Symmetry, defined by sharp borders, does not contain sharp borders about the body.

It is generally sufficient for the parts of the body to be proportional to each other. Comparing the symmetry by cutting the body perpendicular to the ground is one of the most important issues.

Why is body symmetry broken?

We can divide the causes of the distortion of body symmetry into two in general. The first of these reasons is organic (due to the disease) and the second is physiological. (for natural reasons)

Some organic causes (diseases) that cause body asymmetry

Chronic pain,
Spinal disorders (usually scoliosis)
The lengths and structures of the limbs are not similar,
can be listed as.

For these reasons, the most common occurrence in the society is scoliosis, but it is generally not noticed – it is not usually taken care of even if it is noticed – and causes symmetry disorders.

Physiological (natural) causes that cause body asymmetry

Sports that require unilateral strength, (golf, tennis and so on)
General body asymmetry due to dominant hand,
Poor exercise technique,
can be listed as. In general practice, we mostly see asymmetry related to the dominant hand from these problems.

Contrary to popular belief, asymmetry on muscles can impair not only the aesthetic structure but also your health. Muscles of different strength can create pressure points that are completely different from normal, causing damage to the spine and other structures.

We see this condition most often in people with disproportionate shortening on one side of the hamstring (name given to the muscles in the hind limb).

How is body asymmetry corrected?

Let me explain how to capture symmetry.

Unilateral exercises

Exercises where both muscles are not symmetrically moved together cause you to concentrate on one side in general. This may result in you forgetting the contraction of the other party and disrupting the order of the movement.

Also, even if the weak side cannot give enough thrust, the other strong muscle group will complete the missing power of the weak muscle group and the power balances will change without you realizing it.

The only thing you can do for this is to replace two-sided exercises with one-sided exercises.

When performing one-sided exercises, never make the mistake of running only the weak limb. Operate both limbs individually and in the same set / repeat / weight pattern.

One arm dumbell biceps curl instead of barbell biceps curl,
One arm dumbell bench press instead of barbell bench press,
One leg barbell / dumbell squat instead of barbell squat,
Skull crasher instead of skull crasher, one arm dumbell
You can try. If you have noticed, we have removed the exercises that the two limbs worked together and added the exercises that the single limb worked.

In addition, starting from the weak side while performing one-sided exercises allows you to perform better repetitions and get better tension while your performance is high.

This will help the weak side catch the strong side faster.

Set and rearrangement

Another common and inconspicuous mistake is the rough arrangement of the set and repeat numbers.

The set and repeat numbers arranged according to the strong side cause the weak side to give up after a point and you cannot lift the weight correctly and adequately.

In the long term, this results in the development of the weak muscle relatively slower than the strong muscle. Because the weak muscle gives up faster and repeats less regularly than the strong one.

For this reason, create the weight, set and repeat numbers according to your weak limb. So your muscles will work equally and the weak side will catch the strong side in a short time.

Stretching and warming factor

The length and shape of the muscle closely affect the strength of the muscle. It is possible that the muscles that do not stretch and stretch adequately during stretching may become weak and deformed in some places compared to the muscles that stretch enough.

In addition, the fact that some muscle groups that are effective for posture have different flexibility and dye disrupts the posture, causing the appearance to deteriorate in the long term.

For this reason, you should practice stretching exercises for both muscles and make sure you stretch both sides equally.


Although simple, concentration plays an important role in sufficient and correct contraction of all fibers during exercise.

For this reason, you should focus on the movement you do during exercise and make sure you run your muscles correctly.

Exercise is not a must, and you don’t have to. But if you do, you need to focus for maximum benefit.

You are now out of the kitchen of symmetry as a successful cook.

Let’s see how “symmetrical” will your body be?

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