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Which fish is eating in which season?

Monday, September 6, 2021

Fish, which contains less fat and saturated fat than red meat and chicken meat, is a very rich food in terms of quality proteins, vitamins and minerals besides omega 3.

100 grams of fish, which are considered to be good sources of thiamine (B1), niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), B12 and fat-soluble vitamins A and D, meet 10-15% of vitamin A requirement. Fish is also a very rich nutrient and a good source of protein with its minerals such as folic acid, phosphorus, calcium, iodine and selenium.

Although fish is a food rich in vitamins and minerals, it is also very rich in omega fatty acids used by the brain and the most important thing is to consume fish in the season.

For example, it is not right to expect a healing from anchovy and bonito consumed outside the winter season, bluefish and mullet consumed in the summer, instead, a shield we can eat towards the end of winter, sea bass and whiting to be eaten in the spring season, it is very much for us to eat the sea bream towards the end of the summer season. it will be a healthier and right choice.

  • January: The most delicious fish of this month are mackerel, bluefish, bonito and horse mackerel. Chinese fish, tabby, mullet, swallow are the fish that lived their most abundant period in January.
  • February: It is the beginning of the shield season. Tabby, silver, anchovy, butts, turbot, myrtle, toric, mullet, sea bass are delicious in February.
  • March: silver, butts, whiting, turbot, goby, whiting, mullet, sea bass, catfish are the delicious and abundant fish of March.
  • April: Silver, butts, turbot, myrtle, red mullet, sea bass, mullet, goby are delicious. The most fished fish in April are shield, perch and coral.
  • May: Silver, butts, coral, myrtle, whiting, sea bass, goby are the most delicious fish. May is a very diverse month in terms of sea creatures and fish. Red mullet, lobster, sea bass, tabby, flounder, hermit crab, sword, swallow, shrimp, scorpion fish can be consumed with taste in May.
  • June: Coral, leer, goby, myrtle, tuna, grouper, sardine are among the required fish that can be consumed this month.
  • July: Sardines, ceramics, turban, akya, tuna, goby, trança, sinarit are the most delicious fish of this month. Horse mackerel is very delicious.
  • August: Cinekop, Sariagiz, Sinarit, Goby, Tuna, Sarikanat are delicious. Horse mackerel is again the most delicious fish.
  • September: Sword and sardine fish are still delicious. Bluefish, sledgehammer, cigarette butt, red mullet, chinekop, sea bream, mackerel, sword, and swallow are also fished in September.
  • October: It is one of the liveliest months of the fish season. Kidney beans, sea bream, sword, sea bass, bluefish, tabby, sardine, bonito, grouper and traça are very delicious. It is the most delicious time of acorn.
  • November: Bluefish, bonito, grouper, yellowfish, tabby, toric, mackerel, mullet, carp, broadcast are delicious. November and December are the tastiest time of the restaurant. November is when the toric flow is peak.
  • December: Mackerel, bluefish, bonito, toric flavor. Tabby is fished abundantly and is when the anchovies are delicious.

The freshness of the fish is very important

The fish loses its freshness shortly after catching it, so it is very important to pay attention to its freshness when buying fish. The pupils of the fresh fish are outwardly bombed, while the pupils of the stale fish are collapsed, dull and dull.

Although there are cold storage tanks that protect the freshness of the fish, it is necessary to pay attention to these features. In addition, when you press and pull your hand over the fresh fish, there is no trace, but when you press and pull on the stale fish, the trace remains, the fish cannot return to its original shape.

Pay attention to the cooking method

Make sure to consume it in the oven, grilled or steamed at least twice a week instead of frying the fish in order to prevent the healthy fats in its content from spoiling and to avoid excessive fat consumption. It is very sad but did you know that we consume only 8 kg of fish per person per year? Let’s be careful to consume fish at least 2 days a week.

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