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Home Canning and Botulism Poisoning

Monday, September 6, 2021

Canned and pickled preparations begin. However, it is necessary to pay attention to every stage from the purchase of the materials used to its preparation.

One of the most preferred storage conditions in order to consume vegetables and fruits taken in different seasons is to make canned food. Canned preparations start in the middle of summer and last until the end. However, it is of great benefit to be careful while canning for health.

Wash well, adjust the salt well!

While preparing canned food, it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene conditions at all stages from purchasing of materials to consumption.

He points out that the vast majority of severe food poisoning, which is mostly contaminated with canned food and is caused by the toxin of the bacteria called ‘clostridium botulinum’, is caused by home-made canned food that is closed without cooking at a suitable time and temperature.

This poisoning is one of the strongest poisonings known in the world and can lead to death-related conditions. In order to eliminate the risk in canned food made under home conditions, food should be subjected to appropriate heat treatment for a certain period of time according to their types.

Although botulism toxin can be destroyed by boiling for 10-30 minutes at 80 degrees and 10 minutes at 100 degrees, it can reproduce in foods stored in improper conditions. Washing the food thoroughly while making home-made canned food, balanced salt content and ensuring hygienic conditions will reduce the risk.

The rusty cover can darken your life! Pay attention to home canning and botulism.

Microbe reproductive properties are high in covers made of rusty or corrosive materials. For this reason, heat-resistant glass containers and stainless lids must be used in canning. Glass jars must be boiled and sterilized for 15-20 minutes before use.

Lids should be renewed in every canned structure. Prevention of possible bacteria and toxins in high temperature cooking of the can after opening, prevents disease. In our culinary culture, other canned foods are generally cooked and consumed, while canned meat, fish and legumes are consumed raw. In canned foods consumed raw, the risk of disease is higher than those cooked.

A food storage method used as an alternative to canning is the drying method. Products such as bell pepper, tomato and apricot can be dried and stored in our country. However, dried foods also have a number of advantages and disadvantages. During drying, the rate of water in the food is reduced by making use of the sun.

This process must be done under the right conditions in order not to spoil the nutrients. During the drying process, vitamin C in vegetables and fruits is largely lost, while vitamin A is 30 percent, but its mineral content increases. Kidney patients and diabetics should consume especially dried fruits with ducts.

It goes into a coma that doesn’t go to the hospital…

Some bacteria do disease as a result of tissue damage with their direct effects, while others do so with the harmful toxins they produce. He says botilinum poisoning does not occur as a result of microbe ingestion and reproduction, but as a result of a toxin produced by the bacteria into the circulation.

The toxin mentioned here is the toxin itself, which is known as “botox” among the people and causes muscle paralysis by affecting the muscle nerve junction. This temporary paralysis effect of toxin is also used in medical use like aesthetic applications.

Botilinum poisoning occurs quickly and suddenly with neurological complaints after taking the toxin produced by the bacteria in the canned jar. Blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and loss of progressive muscle strength may progress in a short period of time and cause a coma.

In cases that are not intervened with timely suspicion, this picture may result in permanent damage and death in the nervous system.

Do not induce vomiting!

“The first thing to do about botulinum poisoning is to avoid canned products produced under improper conditions or suspected to be degraded due to storage conditions.

In cases such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, blurred vision, double vision, muscle weakness, respiratory distress, which begin 12-72 hours after the consumption of canned products, it should be referred to the nearest health center and it should be stated that the canned food is consumed while explaining the complaints to the physician.

As with any kind of poisoning, especially patients with neurological findings should be transferred to the hospital urgently, should not be fed orally without a doctor’s assessment and the patient should not be vomited. The fatal consequences of poisoning depend on paralysis of the respiratory muscles of the patient who is not treated. Botulism poisoning caused by home canning is a dangerous situation.

Do not taste if you are suspicious!

It is necessary to pay attention to the lid of the can. If there is blistering, bulging, this indicates that the bacteria named clostridium botulinum grow and should never be consumed. If the lid is leaking, if there is mold, this can can not even be tasted.

When you open the lid, this canned should not be consumed if there is a change in its color, smell and color. As a precaution, you should boil the canned food 10 minutes before eating. You should check whether the necessary permissions have been obtained by looking at the date of manufacture, the date of consumption.

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