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New Trend: Fitness Applications (Review)

Monday, September 6, 2021

Many of us complain that they do not have time to go to the gym for daily fitness training. In fact, we are not unfair in this complaint due to the changing lifestyle. Especially in the hustle and bustle of big cities, it is a common occurrence to come to work, to take time for children and to realize that the day is over.

Even if we find time in this hustle and bustle, we encounter the problem of what and how we will work in that limited time. At this point, fitness application can be your savior.

The training VCDs and DVDs of famous athletes have been on the market for many years; When you take them and plug them into your computer or player, you will see that the athlete you encounter has some exercises. You can exercise by doing the same movements.

What is missing here is that the exercise does not interact with you, continues in a standard way until the end of the period and does not measure the accuracy of your movements.

Leading game console manufacturers in the market such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony will have identified this problem, which they have managed to overcome these problems with the recent developments.

We searched for the best fitness applications you can run with your Nintendo Wii, Sony Play Station and Microsoft Xbox. Do you want to start the day energetically, save time, burn calories and have fun? Here are some of the options!

Zumba Fitness

With Zumba Fitness, which is a zumba-containing game, one of the popular dance training sessions, you both learn to dance zumba and do an intense exercise. When you go across your game console, it offers you some training options. Then, during the training period you have chosen, you are expected to make the moves that the dancer makes.

You get points for the movements you do right. In addition, you can understand whether the movements you are doing are right or wrong, and you can arrange yourself according to the effects on the screen.

If you want, two people can face the screen. Workouts are as much fun as tiring. Do not worry about how to do it, I don’t know any zumba, there are also training options in the game. In this way, you learn a new dance as well as a good workout.

Nike + Kinect Training

As you can see from its name, it is an fitness application developed jointly by Nike and Microsoft Xbox. In order to play this game and all other interactive games, you need to install the Kinect apparatus on your Microsoft Xbox. After you install Kinect, you are in control now.

Nike + Kinect Traning is a fully exercise game. Although we say it is a game, it does not contain any part that can be a game. It would be more correct to say that it is a training application where you exercise with your personal trainer.

Here again, you see a warning on the screen in the movements you make wrong, the accuracy of your movements. With this application, which also provides a chance to personalize training, you can create a work schedule for yourself. When you complete the workout, you feel your muscles as if you were doing a real workout.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved

Your Shape Fitness Evolved, which is an exercise-weight game, offers you standard fitness training as well as options such as boxing, dance, ground exercises and boot camp exercises.

After opening the game and combing your body, you find yourself in a pleasant training program. As in other fitness application, this game aims to make you have the right movements at the right time and have a fun exercise time.

UFC Personal Trainer

If you don’t like dancing, if you want to do your exercises like exercise, this game is for you. After opening the game, you can choose one of the various disciplines from the menu.

If you want, you can choose a long-term training that you can watch for weeks, or you can choose a training you want to do at that moment. You also have the chance to do your workouts with a famous athlete of the discipline of your choice. It is a game that stands out with quality game graphics as well as training that is not in other games.

Besides, although there are many games, I shared what I experienced and liked with you. The choice depends on the exercise you want to make and your console, but all of them are quite fun and beautiful.

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