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Everything you need to do for a flat stomach

Monday, September 6, 2021

Gorgeous abdominal muscles and lean, aesthetic appearance ..

This picture, which many people have been dreaming of for years, is not as difficult as it seems.

Stop eating before bed

It contains the only ‘precious’ hours of the night when the body is genetically programmed to rest. In this process, along with your metabolism, the speed of your organs slows down. If you feed before going to bed;

The digestion of the food you get becomes difficult due to the slowing of the stomach working speed.

Your body uses some of the effort it takes to repair the worn structures to digest the nutrients you take and you wake up tired in the morning.

Your sleep quality decreases.

Your growth hormone level decreases. (The growth hormone burns fat quite effectively.)

Your slowing metabolism cannot burn the calories you take as a result of nutrition and store it as fat.

Stop feeding 3-4 hours before bedtime. Do not consume any liquid or solid food (including milk and fruit) other than water. Avoid liquids such as coffee and tea. It contains caffeine and theophylline stimulating properties in coffee and tea. Substances with stimulating properties not only affect sleep, but also affect sleep quality negatively.

Follow the sunlight diet. After the day starts to turn dark, stop the meal. Although this is a very effective method for a flat stomach and a more fit look, it is also very easy to apply.

Eat healthy

You don’t need complex diets to have a flat and lean stomach. Just a few healthy nutritional advice you should know.

Finish your fast food habit. Try taking healthy carbs instead. Brown rice, whole wheat pasta and oats are among the foods containing hearty and healthy carbohydrates that can now be found easily in the markets.

Prevent your sweet crises. If you frequently need dessert, you can try using chrome supplements. You can also consume fruits with low sugar (such as green apples, blackberries) instead of sherbet and milk desserts.

Removing sugar from your diet lowers the body insulin level. Along with the decreasing insulin hormone, glucagon hormone, which acts opposite to insulin, plays a more active role in your body. The active glucagon hormone empties your glycogen stores.

The next target of glycogen stores is fat. In addition, foods with a high glycemic index also act like sugar. Extract foods high in sugar and glycemic index from your life to have a flat stomach.


Increase your protein intake. Protein-rich diets allow you to stay fuller, increase your muscle mass and burn fat. Studies show that protein-rich snacks made between 15.00 and 16.00 increase the metabolic rate and regulate blood sugar.

Eat foods that contain healthy fats. You can make wonderful snacks with unsalted peanuts, almonds and walnuts, as well as meeting your healthy oil needs.

Limit your salt intake. Sodium taken with salt increases the density of your body fluids. In order to balance the density of increasing body fluids, body urine output is reduced while fluid intake is increased. Thus, the table described as ‘edema’ is formed.

Pay attention to the correct fluid intake

Filling your stomach with liters of calories won’t get you on a flat stomach. What you need to do

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This helps your body purify from toxins, work properly, and speed up your metabolism.

If drinking water is boring for you now, try sweetening it. After resting for a while you can consume a slice of lemon (or apple) and a leaf of peppermint for a while, you can try new mixes and share your experiments with us through the comments section.

You can check if you are getting enough fluids by following your urine color. If your urine is dark yellow, cola-colored or fragrant, this indicates that you are not getting enough fluids.

Restrict alcohol use or cut it off while on a diet. Alcohol intake increases the estrogen hormone, causing you to retain more water and a decrease in the testosterone hormone that allows your muscles to grow. Also, stimulating the feeling of hunger, alcohol will encourage you to eat more.


You do not need large abdominal muscles for prominent abdominal muscles, the important thing is that the muscles under the fat layer in the abdominal area are thin enough to allow the muscles to appear. Even if many experts say that abdominal muscle is made in the kitchen, not in the gymnasiums, we think that this sentence should be modified.

Now, all you need to know about abdominal muscle should be “abdominal muscle is done with the help of“ correct exercise ”in the gym with the help of the kitchen”. Now we can examine how you should exercise for prominent abdominal muscles.

Practice aerobic exercises

Exercising increases your heart rate. Increased heart rate fires your metabolism, causing fat burning. Cardio training for 30 minutes at least 3 days a week will visibly speed up your fat burning.

But if you want to ignite your metabolism and burn more calories, you should put aside the usual cardio workouts and use special techniques. Two of these techniques have been proven to speed up fat burning, and the two most effective are the HIIT and Tabata protocol.

Practice pliometric exercises

You can do great cardio exercises while increasing your muscle strength with pliometric exercises called ‘explosive strength’ exercises where the muscle reaches maximum strength in a short time. Some of the best pliometric exercises can be listed as Jump squats, push-ups, broad jumps and burpees.

Run your abdominal muscles

Running your abdominal muscles not only has bigger muscles but also gives you a firmer look.

Other suggestions

It is not enough to just diet and exercise for a flat and aesthetic abdomen. We have a few more suggestions to make you a success.

Don’t be hungry

Doing heavy diets to get rid of fat in the abdominal area often brings you more harm than good. Since your body cannot meet the calorie needs, it lowers the metabolic rate in order to reduce its needs. In addition, the hormone cortisol secreted during hunger can cause you to become fat during the diet.

For this reason, do not be hungry. Small meals made at short intervals will help you to suppress your hunger.

The type of hunger I am talking about here is uncontrolled and unplanned hunger. If you starve in a planned manner at the right intervals, you can lose weight very well.

For detailed information, just look at the intermittent fasting guide.

Be patient, do not resort to shock diets

Do not resort to shock diets. Beyond their promising diets, only unhealthy and unhappy body presents you.

Don’t expect it to change from your body all of a sudden. Be patient and give yourself time. If you are reading this article, you are on the right track, you just need some time.

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