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How To Jump Rope Exercise?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Jump rope Runs almost all of the muscles in the body.

Body Areas: Full Body
Calories Burned in 1 Minute: 6 to 8 Calories (Normal BMI)
Available BMI Ranges: Low BMI, Normal BMI, High BMI

Jump Rope

It is one of the “cardiovascular exercise” methods that are directly connected with circulatory systems such as swimming, jogging, dancing, cycling and walking. Runners, boxers, wrestlers and athletes in many branches of warming, exercise and sweating preferred to jump rope, a healthy body is now used as a method used by those who want to have a place in the world of sports. Rope jumping is a perfect calorie burner.

By strengthening the upper and lower body, it ensures that many calories are burned in a short time. As a method of increasing endurance and coordination, it is a highly efficient sport that can be achieved in a short time. The most preferred method of exercise for athletes is jumping rope, slimming, and those who want to have a fit body has become an important exercise method. With many benefits from heart disease to muscle development, amazing results can be achieved with rope jumping every day.

What are the benefits of skipping?

Skipping the rope for half an hour a day runs many muscles, burns calories, helps to lose weight.

It gives strength, agility and coordination. Increases hand and foot coordination.

It increases metabolism levels and maintains this level for a long time.

It works almost all the muscles in the body.

In particular, the muscles of the waist, feet, legs, calves, arms, shoulders and hips work actively at the same time.

At the same time the muscles work in a rhythm that increases the heart rate.

It has a direct positive effect on the circulatory system by increasing the capacity of the heart and lungs to carry oxygen to the blood.

During oxygen circulation, muscles produce uninterrupted energy and muscles are strengthened.

It eliminates the early symptoms of diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and vascular obstruction.

Lowers bad cholesterol in the blood, increases good cholesterol.

It secretes serotonin and dopamine hormones and provides positive and energetic feelings.

It protects and strengthens the heart vessels and connected systems.

Protects from osteoporosis (bone resorption), increases bone density, strengthens the skeletal system.

It activates the lymph system functions, which expand and contract muscles, and eliminate toxins and edema in the body.

Reduces stress, depression and tension.

Lengthens, reduces cellulite, prevents varicose veins, legs thinning, helps to eliminate edema in the legs.

Increases signal exchange and communication between muscles and brain.

Strengthens your ankles and reduces the possibility of ankle injuries.

Increases bone density.

This exercise is suitable for athletes with low BMI, normal BMI, high BMI. In addition, Jump Rope training is not suitable for athletes aged 65 and over.

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