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Pineapple Nutritional Values: How Many Calories?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Pineapple Calorie Value: 50 grams per 100 grams of this food, as well as 1 Slice of food (Medium) that 90 grams of Pineapple in the amount of 45 calories are.

Nutritional Value —–100 grams per day ——% Daily Value *
Calorie———————–50 kcal——————-2.5%
Carbohydrate —————13.1 g ——————-4.4%
Fiber ————————–1.4 g——————–5.6%
Protein ———————–0.5 g ——————–1.1%
Oil—————————–0.1 g ——————-0.2%
Cholesterol —————–0.0 mg ——————-0.0%
Vitamin A ——————58.0 IU ——————–1.2%
Vitamin C —————–47.8 mg ——————-79.7%
Potassium —————109.0 mg——————– 3.1%
Calcium ——————-13.0 mg———————1.3%
Iron ————————-0.3 mg———————1.6%

* Percentage daily values ​​are calculated based on a 2000 calorie diet per day. These values ​​may be more or less depending on your daily calorie needs.

Pineapple is useful because it contains high vitamins, minerals and fiber. Thanks to the bromelain enzyme in its content, it provides easy breakdown of proteins and facilitates digestion. It prevents cellulite formation by preventing fat storage.

Pineapple food in the database of the average of the nutrients;

86% less calories
100% less protein
41% less carbohydrate
100% less fat

Pineapple contains most of the calories it contains (94%) from carbohydrate. You can use the macro nutrient calculator to calculate macros based on your weight.

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