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Fibromyalgia, Symptoms and Treatment Methods.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

We are facing a ghost disease that has recently increased in frequency. It is a chronic disease that is called fibromyalgia, which seriously reduces the quality of life.

I’m sure you know how bad it feels if you’ve encountered this disease – or if you’ve known someone who has met you.

If fibromyalgia is such a big problem, let me tell you about the natural treatment methods that you can use with medical treatment from the perspective of a physician.

What is fibromyalgia in this article? question, symptoms of fibromyalgia, causes of fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia treatment methods will address many issues, I will answer the questions.

What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a very new disease. So new that in the early 1970s he left a different disease called rheumatoid arthritis. At the beginning of the 1990s, diagnosis and classification could be made.

The disease is generally seen in women and the middle age population (40-50 years). The average incidence of fibromyalgia in our country is between 1-5%.

In general, the main symptom in fibromyalgia is pain. This pain, regardless of a specific cause, persists for a long time and in the form of attacks (starting, passing and then starting again) occurs.

Fibromyalgia is also difficult to diagnose. Because often the only symptom is to call fibromyalgia to the source of pain and pain, it is necessary to exclude many diseases.

Of course, once the diagnosis is made, another major problem awaits the patients. He treated well. Because there is no definite treatment for fibromyalgia.

When we gather the data, we come across a definition.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease characterized by pain and tenderness in certain areas, sometimes accompanied by fatigue and different symptoms.

But I don’t want you to upset. Because this article has been prepared for you and will add a big difference to your treatment.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia

The symptoms of fibromyalgia generally appear vague. Therefore, it is useful to examine carefully and be careful.

First of all, I would like to talk about pain, which is the main symptom, instead of evaluating simple and additional findings.

Characteristics of fibromyalgia pain:

Concentrated at specific points.
There is sensitivity with touch.
The pain comes in episodes and can sometimes go away.
I share a body picture below that may be useful for pain.

I have mentioned above the general intensities of fibromyalgia pain. Patients usually describe pain at these points.

Fibromyalgia symptoms are not limited to pain only. Other common problems in fibromyalgia patients are; weakness, sleep problems (not falling asleep, not listening while sleeping),
Headache, Depression, anxiety and distraction, can be listed as.

Let us use the symptoms in the diagnostic process. We have certain criteria for diagnosis. All of these criteria are pain-focused.

To diagnose fibromyalgia in a patient,
The patient’s grading of the pain with a score of 7 out of 10,
If the patient’s pain persisted for at least 3 months,
Failure to relate the patient’s pain to another cause,
is required. Although these criteria are set by the American rheumatology association, there is unfortunately no consensus.

The diagnostic method I mentioned for simple diagnosis in the clinic is very effective and accurate.

This is a common way of re-confirming the disease, especially in individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Causes of fibromyalgia

For fibromyalgia it is difficult to establish a causal relationship. But we know that there are some conditions that increase the incidence of fibromyalgia. Let me sort it,

Genetics is the most important factor. Because some individuals have a higher risk of developing fibromyalgia due to their genetic characteristics.

Another cause of stress. Physical stress (accident, beating) or mental (pressure, emotional violence) may increase the risk of developing fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, we don’t have a clear understanding of the mechanism.

Infection can increase the risk of future fibromyalgia. In general, we estimate that infections facilitate the emergence of underlying fibromyalgia.

Female gender is particularly important. Because 80% of fibromyalgia cases are seen in women.

Having a different rheumatologic disease increases the risk of fibromyalgia. Especially rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Of course, the causes and risk factors of fibromyalgia are not limited to those listed. Because the mechanism is still a big question mark and we do not know the process exactly.

Treatment of fibromyalgia

I’m not talking about medical treatment for fibromyalgia. Because this treatment has been created individually and has a structure that is constantly changed within the needs.

What I want to focus on is the diet and sports parts that will form the constant and constant part of the treatment. Because, as in any disease, the right nutrition and exercise in fibromyalgia also provides great benefit to the treatment.

I want to start with fibromyalgia treatment with diet.

Dietary therapy for fibromyalgia

First of all I’ll create a diet table for you. Then I will talk about the foods you shouldn’t consume.

There are a lot of choices about diet in fibromyalgia patients but my choice is

Raw vegetables are dense,
Intensive antioxidant intake,
Rich in probiotic and prebiotic,
It will be a nutrition.

The reason why we prefer gluten-free nutrition; As with many rheumatologic diseases, fibromyalgia patients have gluten sensitivity. In addition, preventing gluten consumption from increasing inflammation in individuals with gluten sensitivity is a very important issue in fibromyalgia.

Research shows that patients with gluten-free fibromyalgia may have improved symptoms. Likewise, many patients I follow in the clinic benefit from gluten-free nutrition.

We use a diet rich in raw vegetables to relieve pain, which is the most important symptom of fibromyalgia. Because raw vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidant sources, these nutrients help maintain energy production and other metabolic events at the cell level.

Research has shown that nutrition rich in raw vegetables reduces pain and discomfort.

You should ensure that all the foods you consume are of natural origin and not in contact with pesticides and other harmful ingredients.

Many people turn to me saying that despite the type of diet I recommend, it doesn’t benefit, and I see that almost all of the food consumed is seriously exposed to pesticides.

When we replace these foods with their natural counterparts, the result is great and many patients feel comfortable.

Probiotic and prebiotic-rich nutrition is also important for fibromyalgia. This is because many rheumatologic diseases are associated with impaired intestinal flora and correcting the flora has a positive effect on the course of the disease.

The same goes for fibromyalgia. Therefore, probiotic foods such as natural kefir should be consumed. If such foods cannot be taken, probiotic supplements should be used from outside.

Research shows that the incidence of obesity in fibromyalgia patients is higher than the population average (7). In addition, studies also show that normal weight individuals can be treated more successfully than overweight individuals (8).

Therefore, when you regulate your diet, you should consume the nutrients I mentioned and focus on losing weight.

Besides the nutrients I mentioned,

Omega-3 oils,
Coenzyme Q10,
Acetyl L-carnitine
Vitamin D,
supplements may be useful to relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

5-HTP supplementation increases the level of seratonin in the brain just like antidepressants.

If you are taking antidepressants, which is often recommended for patients with fibromyalgia, low-dose antidepressants should never be taken with 5-HTP.

Therefore, it is very important to consult your physician for all the supplements you will use.

I think we have a sketchy diet plan.

Do you know the foods you shouldn’t consume? Because some nutrients can worsen the symptoms of fibromyalgia – especially pain.

Monosodium glutamate is a chemical added to add flavor to many processed foods. Our experience shows that excessive dietary monosodium glutamate salts exacerbate the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Therefore, you should carefully examine packaged foods and not consume foods that are monosodium glutamate.

Sugar consumption is directly associated with increased inflammation. Therefore, sugar may play a role in triggering fibromyalgia, a rheumatologic disease. You should remove sugar products from your diet and eat low carbohydrates.

Dairy products can be irritating to adult individuals with lactose intolerance. We also know that dairy products can worsen complaints in patients with fibromyalgia. Therefore, restricting dairy products may be beneficial in fibromyalgia patients.

Consumption of caffeine and theophylline can damage sleep. Considering sleep problems in patients with fibromyalgia, limiting coffee and tea consumption, especially at night, may improve sleep quality and reduce fibromyalgia symptoms.

Sports treatment for fibromyalgia

I know how patients feel pain. Almost all patients suffering from pain in the clinic feel severely bored and avoid physical activity.

Fibromyalgia is similar. But it’s a vicious circle, and I’m sure you’ll feel better the moment you break it. Because increasing physical activity can lead to serious improvements in fibromyalgia patients in the long term.

Physical activity in fibromyalgia patients,

Reduction in the risk of anxiety and depression,
Increased antioxidant capacity of cells,
Muscle flexing and relaxation,
helps. Exercise is therefore a requirement in fibromyalgia patients.

Many fibromyalgia patients report excessive feeling of pregnancy after exercise. This is true because one of the suspicious mechanisms of fibromyalgia is related to intracellular recovery and disruption of the energy-producing mechanism.

But this is not a permanent situation and with the right exercise, the current muscle fastness can be reduced.

Fibromyalgia patients exercise,

He should pay attention to start slowly. Because as I mentioned before, overloading can cause excessive muscle fastness.

Stretching and warm-up movements should pay attention. Because stretching is really positive for fibromyalgia patients, you should not use this important resource in the usual way. In particular, yoga and pilates are very effective in this regard and fibromyalgia patients I recommend the type of exercise structure.

Aerobic exercise is another type of exercise that I recommend to fibromyalgia patients both in terms of increasing the capacity to use intramuscular oxygen and regulating intracellular metabolic events. Especially outdoor walks are of great benefit.

should pay attention. As a result, I recommend fibromyalgia patients to exercise aerobic exercise for at least three days a week, at least 20 minutes per day, and at least 20 minutes of stretching.

Symptoms and treatment of fibromyalgia: Summary

Fibromyalgia is a newly established disease in the medical literature. The pain is manifested with many different symptoms that are focused, unfortunately difficult to diagnose and treat.

For this reason, it is very important that you get to know your body well and consult your physician for the ongoing pain. Of course, my followers diagnosed with fibromyalgia should not upset.

You should also consider the natural methods I have mentioned for the treatment of fibromyalgia and improve your quality of life. Because the medication you take creates a step for you to reach the treatment. This step is only possible with the right life, nutrition and exercise habit.

What is fibromyalgia, what are the signs of fibromyalgia, how is fibromyalgia treated? know the answers to questions such as.

You can forward your questions to me through comments when fighting the disease. You can go to the appointment page for an examination.

Finally, don’t give up. Because fibromyalgia is not stronger than you!

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