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June 05: World Running Day. An excuse to run.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Running is a kind of sport, based on the action of run. Running can be done for racing purposes. It can also be done alone to provide the body’s dynamism. Running is done simply by moving both feet of the human with a certain period and moving the body forward.

The Jogging Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday of June each year. It is a holiday that honors the joy of running. Nowadays, people enjoy this day by participating in events around the world or running out.

The important thing is not to run too far or run too fast. No one needs to be a world champion or a Usain Bold, no records. The important thing is for the man to compete with himself. Every time you run, it is enough to enjoy a run. Everyone’s speed and running distance are appropriate for him. The important thing is for everyone to find the right one. Quit, run and try.

Running technique

There are some things you should be aware of when running. Make sure you don’t have a health problem before. Running shoes won’t let you run faster. An average running shoe is sufficient for healthy running. Make sure your shoe is properly and firmly connected. Doing so may cause fingerprints and nails to be damaged. To prevent too much pressure on your knee while running, you should press the floor with your foot, not the heel. Otherwise your achilles tendome will not work and the pulse goes to your knee. This could cripple you. Your posture must be flat when you run. Shoulders or head should not leap forward. The feet should be thrown forward, not the side.
The distance of the step taken must be normal. Knees and legs should be stretched before running and after running.
It shouldn’t jump too much while running. Breathing when running should be in two to three steps. If possible, try to run on asphalt concrete non-soft floors. Running together can only be with people who can run at the same speed. Otherwise everyone should run at the speed that is appropriate for him / her.

Date of National Running Day

The aim was to disseminate information about the pleasure and health benefits of running. It was launched in 2009.

Facts About Running

Runners running between 20 and 30 km per week have stronger immune systems.
People who run over 80 km per week are less likely to catch respiratory diseases.
More than 200 muscles move to take a step while running.
One billion running shoes are sold in the world every year.
A study shows that runners have 30% more sex than non-runners.
The same study showed that runners had more than 25% orgasms compared to non-runners.

How to Celebrate

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate National Running Day, you have a few options. If you are not a runner, then you can use this day as an opportunity to start your run. Go out and run. You can start by doing an exercise program. For this we have mobile phone applications like Nike + Run CLub, Strava. It records both your runs and gives you free training suggestions.

If you are already a runner, then you can apply for a race or a marathon, you can sign up. You can select the running distance yourself. In the meantime, alternatives like deer running may be suitable for you. Or you can do this holiday by just doing your daily routine. If you are already a runner, you will probably run today.

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